Monday , January 25 2021

Channel D Plaque from Turkey Diabetic

Maviköy Life with the Diabetes Center, the world diabetes foundation with the support of donors from Turkey was established as the first and only center of life with diabetes. Parents of children with diabetes were educated in 50 families with diabetes and 50 children 50 in Mavikoy. Experts informed families about the emergency management of diabetes and the treatment of diabetes on a daily basis in the family. The forms were provided for donations that they made to the business community, the pharmaceutical industry and the media at the ceremony. On behalf of Kanal D, a memorial plaque was received by the Demirerensk Corporate Communications Director Neslihan Akdash.

Turkey Diabetes Foundation Chair Professor In his inaugural address, Dr. M. Temel Yilmaz stated that they are aimed at improving the quality of life of children and young people with diabetes in diabetes camps, which will begin in the coming period.

Dye channel plaque from Turkey Diabetic

Maviköy Diabetes Living Center is a facility that is in accordance with international standards, with its infrastructure and understanding of service. The facility, located in the Şile Doğancılı village in Istanbul, is capable of teaching 5000 children with diabetes per year. The facility, which was built with grants for more than 10 years, has sports fields, a swimming pool, classrooms, a music room, a restaurant and rooms for placement in accordance with the diabetes regime.

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In summer, children and young people will be able to stay on site during the winter months.

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