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At the last minute … An important description of the Minister Pacdemirli vegetable fruit prices

Notes from the speech of Minister Pakdemirli;

* Prices are not in seasonal rates. We do more control in the markets every day. Especially the most beautiful observation is citizen control. A citizen will look if non-seasonal fruit vegetables are expensive, if consumption in accordance with the season will be balancing products. If the market is cheaper to buy products from there, prices reach equilibrium. If there are exorbitant prices, we will reduce the necessary fines. Vegetable fruits are not enough for food increases. It balances each other throughout the year. Its negative contribution to inflation is now, but last year was a year earlier and a year earlier.

* The Food Committee began working very seriously, especially with the presidential government system. We make 3 instant decisions. We make very quick decisions at points that touch each other. We are not late for many things. Hal's law is, of course, 30-40 percent. At the same time, we need to take into account the law of retail.

* Need for sheep and cattle. Cattle became preferable. We used to be small foreign exporters, and we are ready to do it. The project was prepared to increase the population of animals. Relevant ministries identified the source. We do not need so many animals, but they have reached the level of exports. Mutton animal exports to Turkey will begin in 2022.

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* We continue to export to the Middle East. The birth of an animal in 2021 takes 3-4 years. In 2002, 6 pounds a year citizens eating meat began to consume 15 pounds of meat today. We never grew up in fish. We grew from 10 kg to 26 kg of chicken. When we consider the export of chicken in fish, import is not an important figure.

* If the consumer gives preference to meat, we have put forward our plan to eliminate the shortcomings, and this will not be a problem by 2021. To balance the markets abroad, we should prefer to be cheaper. It is important that the consumer eats cheaper, and the profitability of the manufacturer must be maintained at a certain level.

* (Animal Rights) When we saw a dead animal in animal studies, we looked at it, whether it was a crime or a natural source, we have something in that sense. We will increase the fines. Animal owners will need to take care of their animals. Especially we see cottage areas.

* Cannabis is very useful in terms of controlled control. Among oilseeds, it is among healthy fats. There are many areas in the industry. Especially we do import. We have 200-300 million dollars to earn here. It would be great if we were going to export. Application and requirements coming from all over Turkey. We collect, evaluate and evaluate areas in which a product can be produced. We collect applications. We will evaluate with our president.

* (Dam condition) We have snow reserves, our dams are full.

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* (On agricultural insurance) The state immediately pending. If the conditions are suitable, you get a complete loss. We are going to pay 35 million this week last week. Thank you, the wound has been wound. I think those who make agricultural insurance sleep well at night.

Last minute ... Minister Pakdemirliden vegetable fruit prices important description


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