Wednesday , January 27 2021

500 tons of “anchovy” tracked down Zonguldak

The fishermen, who started this season with an abundance of bonito, laughed at their weight.

Trabzon, Ordu, Samsun from many provinces of the Black Sea Zonguldak Fishing boats turned into a harbor with approximately 500 tons of anchovies. Kilimli boat from the fishing port in the district, the anchovies they fill the truck in Istanbul, Ankara, Konya, Turkey sent four corners, like.

Citizens who saw fishing boats in the harbor came into the harbor and took anchovies with safes. The loading of the fish into the trucks continued until late at night.


Lakir Oda, the captain of the fishing vessel from the Faza Ordu area, said they followed the anchor and came to Zonguldak. This year there will be a lot of Khamzinins, said:

"It was an hour from the sea, anchovies. Until the morning he will reach his destination. Fresh anchovies. There are about 500 tons of anchovies. This year, Bonito was in abundance. Hope that anchovy will be like that. We will leave again after unloading the fish. We will continue hunting in Side, the Inebolu route."

The season begins with the captain of the fishing vessel Ayhan Taskny also from Trabzon, “Anchovies are currently going well. A kayak head has at least a thousand safely fish, I think. We started a little nervously season, but for now it’s going well. I hope this continues. we ship fish everywhere in Turkey, ”he said.


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