Saturday , January 16 2021

Voice duet Voice 2018. “Danny – Trumpet”

Attractive drivers force Duo pairs of different races "Danny – Tube"
Young teacher Team coach Joey Boy, Thai people fall in love.

Show 2018 (The Voice 2018), an unexpected show and coaches and spectators across the country. With two young teachers of different races – Professor Pete Diamond, a 27-year-old music teacher and cameraman. Danny – Bamaderik, a duo teacher who perfectly combines sound and style. The couple chose the 2018 hit song “Wow” to the top of the show, now with over 150 million views, and then sings in the first hall of Audition glory by trainer Joey Boy. To get into the team to be.

The reason why both of them have a chance to connect O. From the beginning to the end, as a teacher in the school of Dina Sala Prahau, Nakhon Sawan. I want to teach a guitar tube. Offer to teach English. It is a joke that they both know each other for a year, but also learn a little from each other. Danny is an international teacher who is accepted by many students. Because there is an interesting way to learn. I like to take English lessons in a popular melody, most students like to learn the reason for the game until 2018, because the voice of the song is sent to audition to see if the pass passes. The first time I saw that the comment was not accepted. Danny laughed sadly, but smiled. Danny, I invite you to present the clip together. I'm not sure what to do.

On Monday evening, Danny Pat made an impression. Top Feat. Feat. Tee Clan, especially hare Danny Yang, causes laughter throughout the competition. Interestingly, in Knock Out, the trainer Joey Boy is recruiting the show, to add to the charm of this team, you'll have to wait and see. ” Watch the show “Voice of 2018” predecessor of Samsung Galaxy. “Voice 2018” from Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and “The Face Shop” every Monday at 8.15 pm – 10 pm, which I missed on Monday. You can watch the show again on Sunday, 16.15-18.00 by PPTV HD 36 and watch the news on PPTV HD 36 and online. Applications PPTVHD36

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