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VAZ put in the investment budget for 5 years 4.8 billion profit before the tax affects 30 000 thousand.

Mrs. Hariporn Yarukornsakul, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of the WHA Corporation Public Company Limited group of companies, said that the business plan for 2019 aims to achieve revenue and profit growth of more than 70% compared to the same period last year. Which already amounted to 11,000,000 baht and prepared a 5-year business plan (2562–2566) with a budget of 45,000,000 baht, which will be gradually invested from this year, approximately 9,000–10,000,000 baht, to support business expansion in every business. Business, including logistics, industrial real estate, utility and energy services, and a digital business platform To increase revenue after this year, by an average of 15% per year, and to generate profit before interest The tax and depreciation (EBITDA) in 30,000 million baht or with a 50% extra charge (EBITDA Margin)

The company currently has 4 main business groups. Logistics Group Which manages the 4 core logistics business groups, which this year plans to increase the area of ​​premium-class warehouses by another 2 hundred thousand square meters to 2.5 million square meters from the previous year by 2.3 million. Focusing on e-commerce Aviation and aviation Combined with creating higher value through intelligent technology and innovation.

In addition, the company also has a project that is in the process of preparing for the construction of the project VAZ. Chachoengsao e-commerce park, WHA-JD E-commerce center & WHA Mega Logistics Center, Laem Chabang 2, also looking for new opportunities Expand investment in Indonesia and Vietnam And also plans to sell assets in REIT for real estate investment (RET) for another 5,750 million baht through a company that reissued an amount of 34,300 million baht

For the Industrial Real Estate business group, the company currently has 11 branches with a total area of ​​68,500 paradise, of which 10 are located in Thailand. (In this number, 9 facilities were certified as target zones for promoting industrial development under the Eastern Economic Development (EEC) project and one in Vietnam. This year, the company plans to sell 1,600 paradise lands, an increase over the previous year, where it sold 1 000 lands. This is the amount of land in the industrial zone. Vietnam, about 200 paradise. At the same time, the company plans to launch another industrial property in Thailand. From now on, the company has industrial property.

While the group of utilities and energy services This year the goal is to produce and sell water at 120 million cubic meters. 105 million cubic meters from last year From expanding water services to other industrial areas In both Thailand and Vietnam Including additional services such as water reuse Water production with a reverse osmosis system And the demineralized water industry. In addition, innovation and the introduction of new technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) for intelligent water solutions. The first phase in the VAZ Eastern Industrial Zone (Ta Phut Card), which also considers investment opportunities in the field of water supply. In Vietnam In the manner of owning shares in the tap water business with the Vietnamese government. After the Vietnamese government allowed the private sector to share shares. Which is expected to start buying shares in the first half of this year.

In addition, in the segment of digital business platforms, WHA Infonet Company Limited currently has 4 data centers, including a joint venture with SuperNap, which is a data center-level company. The only 4 locations in the Asia-Pacific region (Excluding Australia) In addition, fiber-optic technology (FTTx) is also provided in 5 industrial complexes of the WHA Group. VAZ Infonet Objectives of expanding the customer base and services to cover all industrial zones By creating fiber-optic services (FTTx) in 10 industrial areas by the end of this year, including expanding the use of various intelligent technologies in the distribution center of industrial complexes and enterprises in the group, as well as

“Trade Conflicts between China and the USA Considered to be a major risk factor But it can turn into a business opportunity for us due to a change in the direction of trade and investment in Thailand and Vietnam for some industries, such as the automotive industry, electronics Machine and equipment parts Which investors now have from China to invest and are interested in many of our industrial complexes, ”said Ms. Hariporn.

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