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Stephen Hawking, physicist of the era Died at 76

On November 21, LINE Corporation held LINE DEVELOPER DAY 2018 in Tokyo, Japan. Give an opportunityThe developers are concerned with new messaging technologies LINE and other LINE applications with the concept of “Next LINE”.

LINE DEVELOPER DAY 2018 The LINE Technology Developers Conference has been held annually since 2015. This year LINE presented more than 60 technological topics to the participants. "Next LINE" Organized by LINE engineers to demonstrate their knowledge, knowledge and problems in supporting the company's vision.

During the opening ceremony, LINE Corporation's Chief Technology Officer revealed two key terms, “Connect.” It offers not only content and content online, but also includes Accessible via stand-alone devices, such as speakers or cars, and “Ecosystem (Benefit Sharing System)” benefits both developers and users. The purpose of the cooling line in accordance with the concept of "Next LINE" event. We also declare our commitment to the development of AI and Blockchain, as well as the introduction of Fintech services on the LINE platform.

I also talked about the development of LINE (LINE Front-End Framework), a web presentation in the LINE and CLOVA (Cloud Virtual Assistant) applications. AI is designed by LINE and launching an API. Get developers to create publicly.

Hilight on LINE DEVELOPER DAY 2018

OCR (optical character recognition)

Technology to convert a document image file or just take a picture. Or monitor It can be converted to text messages automatically. And can be translated to.

NLU (natural language understanding)

A technology that helps a computer understand a language and a sentence in a dialogue. Speech is more commonly used than a formal language, such as Hi Hi, Hi, computer, I understand that this is a greeting.
LINE will begin to plan a B2B business by introducing AI technologies and other technologies for developers outside the organization and companies after 2019.

Klova A.I.

Since last year, Wave, Face and Champ have been introduced. This year, the line continues to evolve in languages ​​and teams. Family design is still available to everyone in homes, families and children, starting with the local market.

Video Clova Highlight

This is a function to select and change points on the image. Or you can choose the focus only to the people we want. Known as “Fan Cam” – choose a focus or choose to cut a corner to see only the people we want. Even if this person leaves the box. The system also recognizes the face when it returns to the frame. The past is used to track artists. Various video programs

Clova chatbot builder

This allows developers to easily create powerful chat engines.

Aside from Human Intelligence, what Clova AI does is face recognition, reading, hearing, studying, speaking and seeing. And the language translations of Clova AI are close to the human intellect. And learning from Deep Learning X in the field of voice command. Clova will bring voice to the text. Then go to AI to support multiple languages. Natural tone and use of the base cloud

Chain LINK

This is another big project that is interested in work. LINE DEVELOPMENT DAY These are LINE linear lines and a block network. LINE will open a LINK chain for partners and developers outside the organization. By the end of 2019, these partnerships and developers will be able to create their own systems. Decentralized applications (dApps) on the LINK Chain platform.

  • The LINK Framework is similar to the API that allows developers to create differences in the platform.
  • LINK Network is an integral network that is the core of the system.
  • The dApps application is used for this platform.

Fintech services

BITBOX for digital exchanges LINE, LINE Insurance, LINE Smart Investment and LINE Home account, just released at the end of last year, features LINE Wallet and My Card. The new LINE wallet allows users to manage their membership cards and runs. Do not be afraid to wear a card. Ratings include features that allow you to specify the location, time, data, each time you transfer. LINE Pay for ID Payment is a new feature of LINE Pay that is currently being developed.

LINE advertising platform, LINE advertising platform, Infrastructure, security and data are also available, as well as new technologies such as AI and Blockchain. Encourage developers and contributors to share ideas. There are also areas for participants to try out new LINE services, such as photo paper for Clova and Face Play.

LINE continues to emphasize the “DISTANCE CLOSE” mission to demonstrate the desire to bring everyone closer. It also brings everyone closer to services and products. For a better and easier life.

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