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Showed! AWC 2019 Final – ROV World Championship Summary


Garena Online (Thailand) Co., Ltd. revealed important details of the ROV or AWC 2019 World Championships in Da Nang. Vietnam The Semifinals have already come out and the finals are challenged in the Tian Son sports arena.

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The AWC 2019 competition involves 12 teams from 9 regions, in Thailand there are two teams on quotas: KOG Diamond Cobra, Champions League 3 and AHQ eSports Club, which have tickets for qualifying rounds.

AWC 2019 group stages will begin June 27-30, and the first round of finals – July 6-7. Compete in the sports arena Tian Son July 13-14.

Lottery results are divided into groups. Group stage

Group A

Chinese Taipei [Wildcard]ONE TEAMWinner from Road to AWC Chinese Taipei 2019
Thailand [Wildcard]AHQ ESports ClubWinners Road to AWC Thailand 2019
North America

BM Gaming

The winner of the S series finals Valor S3
Vietnam [Wildcard]

BOX Gaming

Second place in the Arena of Glory (AOG)


Winner of the Cup of Valor
Winners AWC 2019 Japan Qualifier

Group B


Team flash

Winner of the Arena of Glory (AOG)
Chinese Taipei

MAD Team

Winner of the Garena Challenger Series (GCS)

KOG Diamond Cobra

Winners of the third season of the RoV Pro League from TrueMove H


Winner of AOV Star League (ASL)
Mainland China


Selection of the winner of the tournament on the platform HuYa


Winners AWC 2019 Korea Qualifier

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