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Scania is preparing to open a new factory-car Aimed at expanding both domestic and international bases

Scania announces leadership Open Thai manufacturing base as an export center Accelerating expansion in the domestic and international markets Ready to present a new car model on February 22. This year, it is expected that sales in the service business will grow by more than 30%, an increase of 25%.

Mr. Stefan Dorsky, Managing Director of Scania Siam Co., Ltd., said: “Thailand is the center of all major markets in Asia and Oceania. By Scania has established a regional headquarters and will open a new assembly plant in Thailand to expand the production base and deliver products to countries in this region. ”

“Last year, Scania achieved its main goal – to ensure customer satisfaction with a comprehensive solution. Consists of products and services that are highly accepted. Including attendance at seminars organized according to objectives. Increasing service revenue by 25%. Since this is an important factor contributing to improved road safety and increased fuel efficiency, this is all part of the decision. offered to customers. What can be demonstrated by the increase in profitability? As well as the growth in sales, and also Divided into 506 trucks and drag frames and 97 buses

Sales are expected to increase by more than 30% in 2019, dividing into 700 trucks or more and 100 or more buses, including used trucks. Car Engine And Marine Engines Expected Expansion Like Service Business It Will Grow Another 25%

“This year is considered an important year for Scania in Thailand. Because there will be a launch of a new model of the truck. With a total investment of more than 7 billion 2 billion and more than 10 years spent on research and development together with the opening of a new plant. For customers on February 22 this year in Studio Park, Bang Bo District, Samut Prakan Province And will be open to the general public to visit and experience the new truck on February 23 this year

Mr. Stefan added that Scania is fully committed to being the driving force for sustainable transportation systems in Thailand. We believe that sustainable development and profitability are things that are closely interrelated. Today we are sure that we offer the safest and most intelligent products on the market. As can be seen from driving through interconnected systems, etc., and when customers experience new car models that will be released, we’ll see that Scania offers solutions that promote maximum energy efficiency for customers

In addition, he is ready to support Thailand to switch to alternative fuels and help reduce emissions. By investing in the development of solutions that use alternative fuels and alternative fuels, such as biodiesel and biogas. While the demand for B20 diesel in Thailand has increased. All our engines can use 100% biodiesel with extensive experience in using biodiesel in European countries. Ensure that We can help reduce emissions, as well as help increase customer profitability.

“Finally, we believe that this year will be a very important and exciting year ahead. We will launch a new truck model and a new plant in Thailand. With the announcement of leadership in sustainable transport in Thailand "

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