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PUBG Mobile and Resident Evil 2 organize a separate zombie mode

Survivors on the battlefield of the royal battle. You may have to temporarily suspend the battle. When a new enemy group appears, people do not join the group. It is ready to chase the player both day and night.

To adhere to the current stream of remake of games. Recently Tencent Games has prepared a special crossover campaign called PUBG Mobile x Resident Evil 2 This is the orbit of two famous games In the hope of bringing the terrible horror of the Bio series to the zombie mode, which will be teased before playing on a mobile phone

For this zombie mode it will be called RE2: Sunset It will be packed with a new update patch. PUBG Mobile version 0.11.0 This mode is still based on the style of the Battle Royal game, where you can find only one survivor. Only a reduction in the number of players to 60 people (perhaps it will increase later) and the addition of calls to the enemy. Infected Zombie AI Including having a big boss like Mr.X This will become an important variable.

The game in this mode will occur on the map card Erangel While the lobby is waiting for people Will be recreated based on the City Police Station Raccoon city In addition, the development team also offers a time change system. Day-night cycle From day to night in this mode Allowing players to compete with time Hurry to the resource farm during the daytime. To use it to survive at night. Especially a lot of zombies.

Zombie update mode 0.11.0 patch game PUBG Mobile is still in beta testing. Which is expected to come out soon, in order to touch each other, both iOS and Android systems, while Battle Royal followers on the PC and console side will have to wait for news from Tencent.

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