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PMA 2561/62 Paddy Production Diminishes Current State.

Bangkok – November 19 – Department of Agricultural Economics

Ms. Yariya Sutyachai, Secretary General of the Department of Agricultural Economics (EASA), said that the survey area and rice production forecast for 2016/62 will be used to manage rice production as a comprehensive plan. Production facilities in 8 provinces are Phitsanulok, Nakorn Sawan, Hon Kaen, Roy Et, Surin, Buriram, Nakhon Ratchasima and Ubon Ratchathani. From October 29 to November 2, 2018, there were representatives of relevant organizations, including the private sector (Association of Thai Rice Exporters and the Thai Rice Mill Association and the Farmers Sector.

From this area, the Northeast is experiencing drought. And raindrops Make dry rice dead. Damage is wide. Some farmers may not harvest. The amount of jasmine rice grown in the year 2561/62 is expected to be reduced in line with higher rice prices. However, high rice prices can cause problems with rice, introducing other varieties of jasmine rice. As a result, rice quality has been reduced. In addition, let's look at a group of fraudsters opportunistic cheater farmers. Behavior that encourages buying a paddy at a higher price than the market. Then pay the money or pay the money. Therefore, farmers sell paddy, please check the price. Buy rice from the relevant agencies or Provincial Commercial Office Hotline 1569, before making a decision to sell.

The price of rice is from January to November 2018. The price of rice sold by farmers is good. The average price of rice rice was 15,105 baht per ton, and the average humidity of rice rice was 15,710 baht, which is 7,716 baht higher than in the same period last year. Thai rice is still in demand both domestically and abroad, which is 48.29% and 0.27%, respectively. In addition, the production of jasmine rice in 2018 caused drought in parts of the northeast. As a result, the output fell.

Measures to assist rice producers Year of production 2561/62 The government implemented two aspects, including 10 projects, including 7 production projects, including: 1) Production of vegetable rice, 3) a farm development project, 4) an accurate system farming and 5) a project for the production of jasmine rice. 6) Project to promote the production and marketing of rice varieties, RD 43 for integrated health care. 7) Modification of the lowland rice production system in 13 lowland areas and 3 marketing projects consisting of 1) Selling rice and assisting in harvesting and improving rice quality. 2) Credit scheme for the collection and collection of rice by the Institute of Farmers and 3) cattle. Compensatory interest in grain traders in choosing stocks.

Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives Department of Agricultural Development Has been registered rice farmers. Results of registration of rice producers in 2016/62 (sowing period of each province in the period of registration / amendment of the register of farms in 2018 as of November 2, 2561). The total area of ​​57.820 million. Rei in the country amounts to 4.229 million. The list of farmers is entitled to receive subsidies for harvesting and improving the quality of rice in the amount of $ 4,058 million. USA. The Department of Agricultural Renewal sent a list of rice farmers in the year 2561/62 to the BOT, which the PIC gradually transferred to the account. then farmers

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