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OPPO R17 Pro officially launched Super VOOC Charger with camera.

Oppo R17 Pro launches new Ultra Ultra Clear smartphone with Super VOOC Flash Charge Charge 10 minutes up to 40%

OPPO R17 Pro launches the Grab Night event to launch a new version of the smartphone. official new innovation. Ultra Night Mode with the concept of Seize the Night to create a photo as a professional photographer.

Executive Vice President Thai Opto Co., Ltd., as well as special functions were developed to meet the needs of users, as well as Vatani Pattama Singh Na Ayudhya, designer clothing clothing VATANIKA. And Surachai Sangsuwan, a professional photographer who left a portfolio of fashion photos and commercials. Share your photography experience. With the participation of leading participants in the event. On Tuesday, November 27, at E BarRap Top, 38th Floor, Bangkok Marriott Resort & Spa, Queen's Park, Sukhumvit 22 in the atmosphere after sunset. For honored guests to appreciate and record the beauty of the night in Bangkok. The city never sleeps. Through the eyes OPPO R17 Pro

Chanont Chirayu Executive Vice President Thai Opto Limited

Over the past 10 years, Oppo has been committed to developing technologies to meet the needs of its customers. It can be increased to No. 2 in the smartphone market in Thailand. Over the past few years, OPPO has developed many innovations, including innovations, upgrading the camera with AI innovations on the front of the camera, and becoming a trend setter. Popular in the smartphone market And lead the world to a new era of cellulite. Apopop is pleased to be at the end of 2018 with the innovative smartphone OPPO R17 Pro, which has many features. Designed to fit the user's lifestyle.Chanchon Dzhirayakul Executive Vice President Thai Opto Limited

OPPO R17 Pro is a great addition to the show.

Features OPPO R17 Pro

OPPO R17 Pro is equipped with three-dimensional TOF technology, equipped with ultra night mode, 12-megapixel camera with intelligent aperture F1.5 / F2.4 and AI Ultra-Clear mechanism for image processing. Pretty sharp, as well as anti-vibration OIS. Makes night shooting easier and more convenient.

It also has the world's fastest charging technology, SuperVOOC Flash Charge. Can charge up to 40% in just 10 minutes! With a fast processor with up to 8 GB of memory and 128 GB of ROM, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 chipset delivers smooth performance. These features are believed to make the OPPO R17 Pro suitable for gamers. And rest assured that it can be a smartphone to achieve the lifestyle of a new generation of all groups.

OPPO R17 Pro comes with an attractive design, fascinating charm. May reflect and identify the user's identity. The rear glass design in 3D reflects the pattern of movement of light and shade around the body, with two attractive colors to choose from: shining mist, dark blue and light purple. Changkhui and love the beauty and Emerald green to dark green. Reliable, calm and discreet, with a unique waterproof display OPPO R17 Pro.

Experience fast unlocking and accuracy with hidden fingerprint unlocking. Fingerprint scan on the screen. Light sensor and self-learning function OLED. Protects your smartphone.

Meet the latest innovations from the OPPO R17 Pro smartphone, which combines advanced technology. And creative design. Experience the power of a finger at 24.990 baht. From today until November 30, the OPPO VIP Card and OPPO Tripod will be available at a price of 9,200 baht, and the first day will be available at the OPPO Brand Shop and leading stores across the country. From December 1 and on.

The end of a special service with the OPPO Premium Service can change immediately if a car has any problems.

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