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His Majesty Providing Stray Dogs Help the temple at the shelter.

His Majesty Providing Stray Dogs Help the temple at the shelter.

20 November His Majesty His Majesty the King graciously gratefully acknowledged General Galayat Chandrasen and Colonel Thawatchai Srikode, the head of the livestock department. 904 In the morning, His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadie is kindly pleased to state that: Lampang Police Station, Surasac Montry School, Lampang Province, Bury Watt District, Lampang District, Lampang Province, Mr. Srihipatima, Lampang Province. Head of Government And the maternal population. Welcome to the contribution of the morale of the monks in the temple.

Because the temple was used as a place for animals. This is a haven for stray dogs. Including cats and abandoned animals, in this case, he invited pet food. Donated to the animal shelter "Wat Uuluangaram" and homeless shelter for dogs. "Home for adoption" for housing. Shelter for stray dogs I need to alleviate the initial problem. For pets, dogs and cats that are left. Vicar Vuluvan Sutavat (Phra Maha Vichai Akkottech) Abbot Wat Waa Vanaram brought four monks to attend the ceremony to congratulate the gift.

There are many abandoned dogs and cats in Lampang. There are people. And the temples Get rid of neglected pets. The condition of the house and the temple became the shelter (temporary) of dogs and cats. According to the data, Lampang has houses and temples that become the refuge of a large number of these two homeless pets: Wat Vuvanaram. And the house of the aunt, adjacent to the temple.

For Wat Wua Wanaram In the care of more than 280 dogs and cats. A total of 350 stray dogs, and more than 630 pets are required. It will be very expensive. The cost of food is about 6 bags per day or 120 kilograms. No budget for the care of all animals. The donation from the philanthropist continues.

His Majesty Anxious public. Both animal shelters (temporary shelters) include stray dogs and cats. He was kindly gracious. Let the thing in Him 904 bring a gift. Provide basic relief to both shelters (temporary), giving 45 kg of pandan leaf rice, 8 bags of food, 20 kg of dog food, 110 bags of food for sick animals, 6 packs of canned food and pet care products, such as shampoos for dogs and tick tick. This is not the most elegant.

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