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Dengue haemorrhagic fever, a hospital that does not detect only 4 days, died 8 months after giving birth

Dengue fever

Dengue haemorrhagic fever, a hospital that does not detect the disease, died only 4 days, leaving the child 8 months old, an orphan mother, a sad husband after going to the doctor, but no better Before a sudden departure

Dengue fever On July 11, the situation with dengue in Phayao Province spread throughout the province after rain. Finally, 1 died. The relevant authorities discussed together to prevent Overcoming the epidemic, including focusing on removing the main source of mosquitoes, as well as on fog, eradicating mosquitoes before the epidemic intensifies.

As a result of the death of one person infected with dengue fever, Mrs. Orfan Hampang, 35, lived in Ban Pa Faek county, Faek Pa county, Mae Chai county, Payao province. He was treated at Mae Chai Hospital, and then sent to Fayao Hospital until he died this morning.

Mr. Cherdchu Tahang, Mayor of Pa Faek Subdistrict, Mae Chai District, Payao Province, said today that the Pa Faek Municipality had discussed with the relevant authorities the issue of preventing and eliminating the dengue epidemic in the area. There are currently people in the Subarea Wahak Pa area who have died of dengue 1 infection, and a public relations campaign to help people get rid of the Aedes mosquito breeding area in the Pa Fakek District, including the relevant agencies. Inside the home and in the community, as well as attracting staff to use foggers for spraying in various villages and communities to prevent the spread and destruction of mosquitoes. What fogging has been done continuously To this day

Mr. Pravit Hamsang, 39, ofan’s husband, said that before his wife died, he had a headache and was taken to Mae Chai hospital and Mae Chai hospital. The first blood penetration was not detected. Therefore, the return of the drug to the food at home for 1 day. Symptoms do not improve. With headache and weakness again. Therefore, he took his wife to the hospital again. Last night the hospital quickly took his wife to Phayao hospital. Until this morning, his wife died at Phayao Hospital. The staff said that the wife had dengue fever and had complications that led to death.

With regard to the atmosphere in the house of Mrs. Syrota, it was found that the neighbors came together to organize the funeral ceremony. The atmosphere is filled with sadness of relatives. Because the late child was only 8 months old, while health officials and people associated with it collected a mosquito dispenser sprayed in villages and communities. With the spread of dengue fever and the surrounding area

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