Friday , January 22 2021

Channel 7HD won the bouquet. Continuous 7th

channel 7HD by Mr. Sompoy Toki, Vice President of News (in2 right) With teamColumn number 7 visit "Award of the year" At the awards ceremony NACC 2018 Awards On the occasion of the founding of the 19th office of the NCC. Lieutenant Colonel Vahararol Prasarn works NCC Chairman of the Board (second from left) Preside As a news publisher or documentaryAnnual news 2016, organized by the Office of Protection.National Commission against Corruption, Nonthaburi, November 16, 2011.

"Mr. Sompoz Torah" Deputy Head of News & News People. Column 7 Show feelings"I am very pleased and proud.Award for the following years.7th, and thanks to the leadership of the channel. 7HD As shown in the press. To play a role in the news.The problem of corruption And politics must emphasize.News is not just an offer.But there are solutions.And as the media, people do not.Yes, the news seller can do it alone. I collaborated with the unit.With budget checklist.seriously and work together.As a result, we will continue to use.Social Security benefits spread the money.Soil is used on the way.Get the maximum benefit."

Column 7 News producer 7HD receive "Awards a clean bouquet." Let's go to. This year is the 7th year. "Column 7, private section, filled with sea." What kind of sticks to report such.It can be used for 3-4 months to present the facts.And rightly so. Changeable land.Let's go back to the property of the nation.And the end of the offensive.Sea also. Won the awards in the newsDocumentary film based on the news.Board of DirectorsScholarships include scientists. Journalists Get together.Reward them.

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