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Aabngmrganmakean! I do not know what to do.

The 25-year-old midfielder unlocks the key to the Chang Chang army must have. To play Bukit Jalil after he experienced this stadium.

Tanachart Garnarat, Thailand midfielder, showed 3 cases. Play among fans. At the National Stadium Bukit Jalil before meeting with the national team of Malaysia. In 2018, the ASEAN Championship, first semi-final.

A 25-year-old player has the opportunity to experience. To play the field, which is a long time ago. Among the fans in the finals occurred almost a hundred thousand people, four years ago. Although the elephants will be defeated 2-3, but also win the championship with a 4-3 cumulative score.

“Remember the atmosphere that day. I feel very much. Malaysian fans Fill in the field. And greetings are fun too. Hardcore to play it, causes us some pressure. But we try to focus as much as possible. Like this, said Tanabun.

“Indeed, many of our players. Never play there. But I think that this is not a problem, because many people have experience. I have seen fans in many ways, so I think it depends on the concentration. In the courtyard And if possible. We will try. Climb. Let us be motivated by it. "

“When I was already playing there, I went to play there. The main thing that we have to do is concentrate, play according to the coach’s tactics and gradually establish our rhythm games. As greetings I will not say that it is not. But we are not trying to concentrate. And think. This is just a small part of the game. ”

In addition, Tanabun, who won the ASEAN 2 Championship for the last time, also said. “We studied Malaysia for a while, but the 4-year-old was stronger, but the team is a combination of old and new players. This is true. I do not care. Because every time I see each other. Not easy.

“I personally watch how Malaysia plays in the house. We should try to open the game, so we think that this may be the way we are. And find the area of ​​the counterattack. I will try to do my best. If we do not lose the door. Or turn around to return. It will make us play easier in the second game. ”

“For people who follow cheers. I want to travel safely. I do not care. We all fight. I want to leave this day until 5, which is a full field. We want to see the atmosphere like 2 years ago or 4 years ago, we confirmed that every second, of course.

To the national team of Thailand visited the national team of Malaysia. In 2018, the ASEAN championship first semifinals were held at the National Stadium Bukit Jalil on December 1 at 19.45. Then return to the second meeting on December 5, 2561 at the Rajamangala Stadium at 19:00. Tickets can be purchased in Thailand Major tickets Live on HD 7 and Bugaboo TV.

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