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NBA "Eyebrows go? 鹈鹕 火速 换 官 推 照片 – Zhongshi News

鹈鹕 Official Twitter quickly replaced the cover with Anthony Davis with Holly Dale. (taken from eunuch)

Even if “One Eyebrow” Anthony Davis announces that he will not renew his contract, he will also apply for a deal, and he will “turn his face” too quickly! before the main control, the 30-day Harleday leader defeated the Rockets alignment, which is tantamount to suggesting that Davis will soon announce a departure!

The eunuch pushes not only to quickly change the film, but also cancels attention to Anthony Davis’s personal account, and it becomes clear that this is not related to Davis, but Davis has joined the champion since 2012. Hey, all the way to support six multi-seasons, there is no hard work and hard work, and this is too inconspicuous.

Authoritative reporter for the New York Times, Stein, also told the news that he couldn’t choose to start this year at the All-Star Game West and was the last straw Davis left: and 4.4 "Assists), which made him clearly shout about the record and the market, which, of course, is one of the reasons he decided to leave."

Currently, with the exception of the Lakers, who are most actively competing for Davis, almost all young top players can be used as trading chips. The public deer also released news. All players, other than Atticopo's Brother Coins, can bargain like David. The conditions are in Sri Lanka, but top management is not in a hurry, waiting for all the teams to open the trading chips.

(China Times Newsletter)

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