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Intel made a fatal mistake! US media: TSMC quickly kills its rivals – China Times News

"Over the past 30 years, the American chip maker Intel has dominated the global chip industry." American financial media reported that with the growth of the smartphone market, the Taiwanese semiconductor leader TSMC not only took advantage of this opportunity, but also took advantage of the mistakes of competitors. The status is faced with the problem of TSMC rising stars and can even be replaced.

In 1987, when TSMC was founded, there was not enough money to provide a foundry solution for a company that used its own waffle factory. At that time, AMD founder AMD Jerry Sanders was not working, and he did not expect TSMC to rely on its strength. Let AMD look at it, and also charge TSMC to create the most advanced processor.

The advanced technology of TSMC is a leader, so it produces small, high-performance, high-performance wafers. In addition to AMD, including Apple and Qualcomm, all of them are TSMC clients. Former Intel CEO and current startup Ampere CEO René James said that TSMC took the lead and benefited from rival Intel’s mistakes. "This is the first time in the last 50 years."

Despite the fact that the market share of Intel computer processors reaches 90%, some Wall Street analysts believe that TSMC is expected to overtake Intel and win the industry's best chip maker. In 2017, TSMC for the first time exceeded Intel’s market value for the first time in history.

As for semiconductor process technology, Goldman Sachs noted that Intel took the lead in introducing 14-nm technology in 2013, but by the end of 2019 the 10-nm process cannot be launched. On the contrary, TSMC received a technical triple jump from the original for the same period of time. 20 The nanometer process advanced to the 7 nm process.

With the popularity of smartphones 10 years ago, TSMC followed the trend and rose, but Intel still focuses on personal computers and server chips, thus not being able to enter the mobile chip market ahead of time. After the popularity of smartphones, mobile phone manufacturers almost use Qualcomm or design their processors, these chip-OEM orders are also swallowed by TSMC.

Semiconductor analyst Mark Lee said that the leadership and price appeal of Intel in PCs and server chips will be fraught with great risks and problems due to errors in the smartphone strategy and good reputation of TSMC.

According to Goldman Sachs calculations, the total budget of TSMC clients is not only higher than that of Intel, and the gap continues to widen. It is estimated that in 2020 TSMC’s client budget will be almost $ 20 billion, which is 4 billion more than Intel.

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