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Hong Kong Horse Racing Operators Visit South Korea Yu Xiao Olong – China Times News

Former Hong Kong jockey club member Lin Yiyuan and others will meet in the afternoon with the Korean club Mayor Kaohsiung, which took place on June 30th. Both sides exchanged views on horse racing. The Hong Kong Jockey Club's evening statement said that the Jockey Club did not send representatives to meet with any Kaohsiung officials. In this regard, the news director of the Kaohsiung City Government, Wang Shaoqiu, said that this should be a misunderstanding caused by the incomplete route.

The city government of Kaohsiung noted that the development of the racing industry in Hong Kong was a very good example for Kaohsiung in developing the horse racing industry for 135 years. South Korea Yu thanked the Hong Kong jockey club for advice on Kaohsiung's local horse racing industry, including information about how much land they would need and how much it would ride. Industry, market size, employment and legal restrictions, most importantly, how to break through the legal norms.

South Korea Yu noted that the rules of betting on horse racing in Hong Kong are specifically regulated in the field of franchising. In the future, the question of how to break through internal laws remains to be discussed. In addition, the employment staff of the Hong Kong jockey club has 28,000 employees. According to Kaohsiung’s estimates of the development of the horse racing industry, the population employed in direct jobs is about 98,000 people, and the Hong Kong Jockey Club pays government tax revenues of more than 100 billion Taiwan dollars a year. 300 billion tax

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