Thursday , January 28 2021

The referee finds out about the death of his mother and cries in the square.

Referee Ovidiu Hetegan fights tears, and Virgil van Dijk calms him down.

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Romanian referee Ovidiu Hetegan studies during the break from the time of his mother's death, directing the game of Germany against Holland, but to the end. After the final whistle, he overcomes his emotions.

Referee Ovidiu Hetegan received tremendous news in the National League match between Germany and the Netherlands (2: 2). The Romanian Association confirmed the facts on Tuesday. The German Football Association helped the 38-year-old to go home quickly after the game.

Some players noticed persecution of the referee on the field, who did not make serious mistakes in the match to the end. Dutch defender Virgil van Dyck hugged Gategan and comforted him.

He had tears in his eyes and justified it with the death of his mother, van Dijk explained, according to several media: “After the game, he was completely finished, but he was not noticed during the game. He had a good whistle. ” He said that he “wished him great strength,” said Liverpool’s main defender: “It was just a trifle, but maybe it helped.”

Thanks to two late goals, Holland scored 1 point after a 2-0 loss to win the first group. As well as Switzerland, Holland will go to the final of four tournaments of the League of Nations in June 2019.

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