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Speed ​​camera on A1 flashes for every driver

On the A1 motorway near Will, on Tuesday morning, everything and everyone flashed. Because alarm kams due to wine.

Many drivers were amazed: everyone who was on the A1 motorway near Huel on Tuesday morning was lit up. It doesn't matter if you have 80 or 140 km / h on it.

The reason for thunderstorms: alarm on the site. As there was an alarm with flashing lights on Pannenstrayfen in the forest right outside the Forstarbeiten highway. Right next to the ominous lightning cats. “Yellow flashing lights probably interfered with the measuring sensor. He mistakenly thought that a fast car would appear soon, ”says Florian Schneider, spokesman for the cantonal police in St. Gallen on today's FM1. “That's why he was more or less dissolute.”

In social networks, a fast-paced speed camera quickly became a topic. A Facebook user suggested in the group: “Checked if you are tied.” Another user suspected total control to expose sinners to a mobile phone. But a spokesman for Kapo Schneider puts pressure on his weight: "In the canton of St. Gallen, caution never breaks out, but only pays for speeding."

“Of course, no one kisses anyone who wasn’t too quick.”

The flash outbreak lasted about two hours. The alarm was set at 7.30 hours. When the first report of the wild cell was received at 9:20 am at the cantonal emergency center, they immediately responded, says Schneider. Shortly after 9.30 hours the error was corrected. Kapo St. Gallen cannot yet tell whether it’s lightning fast for just two hours, or if the car steers, or just for a few minutes.

Fear of a bus ticket, but it should not have the correct steering wheels. “Of course, no one was released who was not too quick,” Schneider promises local radio. Even those who are not wearing a seat belt or a smartphone are punished. But if you actually traveled too fast, you can still look forward to publishing.

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