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Implementation of Windows Update on October 10 for scanning> Dr. Windows

On November 13, exactly 15 days ago, Microsoft continued to deploy Windows Update on October 10. At least they said they did it. At the same time, however, it was announced that the deployment would be much more cautious than with the latest updates, which were distributed fairly quickly.

Now it becomes obvious how careful you are. So far, "deployment" occurs only theoretically.

In fact, we no longer wanted to analyze the statistics of AdDuplex. In June, I explained how these figures are from reality – in a positive sense. During the April update deployment, it became clear that AdDuplex had significantly higher values.

But in this case it doesn’t matter, because we can compare the AdDuplex statistics of October with November. By the end of October, when the deployment was already stopped, the October update was launched on 2.3 percent of the computers recorded on AdDuplex. Now it is 2.8 percent, just half a percent more.

To understand what this means in concrete terms, let's move on to this: according to Microsoft, about 700 million installations of Windows 10. Thus, half a percent will be equal to 3.5 million, which will be distributed within 14 days (an estimate of AdDuplex since yesterday ) gives 250,000 updates per day. It seems that the absolute number is now suddenly not so little, if we assume that Microsoft timely evaluates the telemetry data of these computers.

In relative terms, of course, this is still a roll-out deployment, but it would be unfair to criticize Microsoft for it now, after we had previously stated that it was not fast enough. For people who really want to upgrade in October, the Insider version preview window is the shortest path. The vast majority of users, but it should just be unimportant when updating eindudelt.

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