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Ricciardo was thinking about retirement

This is the headline, what? Forgive me for having fun;) But something is already there. Because his last race for Red Bull "almost looked like my last Formula 1 race." “Even before the race, the Spalye team was standing. I almost asked myself: “Am I retreating or what? He says. “What I especially appreciate is that we parted in a good way, without arguments, without a negative mood, so it should be, it's nice to go somewhere else and feel respect for everyone.”

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Will smith works

Racers, fashion designers, musicians … and now the actors? Lewis Hamilton talents are inexhaustible. Having run a scene with buddy Will Smith for social networks this weekend, he is now acting down. We do not mind, while he shortens us with such contributions, winter break;)


Because the donut is not a donut right away

For the tire manufacturer, this is torture, because the teams are worrying and for the fans, the final show: donuts belong to the finals, like gasoline in an engine! And Mercedes shows that it is not just closing its eyes to the last race. “To be honest, we love it from beginning to end,” admits Mercedes technical director James Ellison. "You could not do this after every race, because it would lead to the loss of information on tire degradation." And the transfer does not do it well.

But because the engineers are just fans in their hearts, Abu Dhabi still had a secret announcement to world champion Hamilton: “He who listened carefully could even hear racing engineer Pete Bonnington in the radio, who said that Lewis was at the start / finish yet a few donuts so that we can see them live, not just on the screen. ”

Here you can read more about the analysis of the "Abu Dhabi" Mercedes.


Good morning!

The last race was over, the tests were done … so was the 2018 Formula 1 season? In no case! Or have you completely processed past 21 Grands Prix and its effects? For sure. Premiere class is not yet fully on the Christmas holiday. In the coming days there will be important meetings and gala. And the news still falls by the wayside. That's why we stay on the ball for a while with our ticker.

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