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New Google Cloud Business Manager

MOUNTING VIEW – Leadership changes are occurring in Google's cloud business. Former boss Diana Green leaves, leadership comes next year, former Oracle manager Thomas Kurian. He left the software company, where he recently led product development, in September. According to former Bloomberg financial services information, he had differences over the reasons Larry Ellison About strategy. Kurian wanted to run more Oracle software in cloud services from competitors such as Amazon or Microsoft — while Allison pounded on the internal infrastructure.

ROUNDUP: Rhn-Klinikum wants to take over a complete radiation therapy center.

BAD NEUSTADT / MARBURG / HEIDELBERG – New hope for ion beam therapy in Marburg: if everything goes smoothly, RHN-KLINIKUM takes on the insolvent Marburg Ion Radiation Therapy Center GmbH as the sole shareholder from next year.

The trial of the Mercedes-Benz Bank should begin in late January

STUTTGART – The Stuttgart Higher Regional Court wants to consider a model claim for damages on car loans from Mercedes-Benz Bank from the end of January. For January 25, the 6th Senate, chaired by Judge Oliver Mostaf, has already scheduled the first meeting, as confirmed by the parties involved. The bank’s client protection community, which sees flaws in the rules for withdrawing bank loan agreements, has filed a lawsuit.

Thyssenkrupp: Less compensation to ex-boss for cartel investigations

MORE – Thyssenkrupp's preliminary investigation of possible cartel agreements on steel prices may also have implications for the severance pay of the former CEO Heinrich Heesinger. “These are topics from the time when Heinrich Hezinger, who has nothing to do with his role,” said the accompanying council Donatus Kaufmann, although the Rhein newspaper Dsseldorfer (Saturday). “Nevertheless, this provision, unlike the usual one, will have an effect on the severance pay of Heinrich Hezinger.” The boss of ThyssenKrupp, who retired in the summer, gave great importance to taking into account group risks when calculating his severance pay.

Interpol resumes search against Hungary boss Hernadi

ZAGREB / BUDAPEST – Director General of the Hungarian oil-producing company MOL Zsolt Ernadi again seeks Interpol’s request for corrupt statements from Croatia. Honoring the representatives of Hungary and Croatia, the executive committee of the international police organization decided to renew the international arrest warrant canceled in 2016 as part of its annual general meeting in Dubai. This was announced by the Croatian Ministry of the Interior on Saturday evening in Zagreb.

The VW boss criticizes politics and calls for a “real car”,

WOLFSBURG – VW (Volkswagen (VW) vz) -Like Herbert Diez demanded a more positive attitude to the automotive industry from federal policy. “Unfortunately, at present, hardly anyone in the German party landscape can present a positive outlook for the car,” said Diez Bild am Sonntag. In Germany, there is not enough "real car". In addition, one of them remained too long with diesel spikes. “In general, I understand that we only think from polling to polling, from elections to elections, so we cannot develop a business location,” said Diss.

Versandhndler Weltbild sees himself after failing on the right track.

AUGSBURG – More than four years after bankruptcy, Versandhndler Weltbild sees itself on the right track. “We are in terms of net income after bankruptcy in the black,” said Christian Sailer general director Augsburger Allgemeine (Saturday). “Turnovers have succeeded, this is on the rise, we have reached the bottom.” However, according to rumors, Piker said that the bottom line is still reduced jobs, and branches will be closed.

"Mirror": the railroad needs more than billions of investments

BERLIN. According to the Der Spiegel report, Deutsche Bahn hopes for significantly higher investment budgets of the federal government. According to the magazine, in the period from 2020 to 2025, the council expects up to seven billion euros per year, citing documents for the meeting of the Supervisory Board next week.

Too many exits: currency exchange to bahn

BERLIN. Numerous delays at Deutsche Bahn have personnel consequences. In the future, Philippe Nagl will be in charge of production at the responsible subsidiary of DB Fernverkehr, in order to get ICE back in place as soon as possible after repairs. The former head of the timetable follows Kai Brggemann, who “laid down his office of directors at his own request and left the company,” a spokesman for the railway said in Berlin on Sunday. Previously reported by Bild am Sonntag.

Daldrup Airport Boss: launching BER 2020 by Mngel is not under threat

SCHNEFELD – Despite the numerous shortcomings in the terminal of the future BER capital airport, it remains in accordance with the operator’s information on the schedule. “Commissioning in October 2020 is not at risk,” said Engelbert Litke Daldur, the head of the airport, on Friday. He also assured that he would fulfill the requirements for testing in Brandenburg. At the same time, he noted that, in accordance with the construction code, it was possible to work on safe defects and eliminate residual defects after completion. Brandenburg Infrastructure Minister Catherine Schneider (SPD) also spoke on Friday to address the shortcomings.


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