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Diving Shakis in Paris

Liverpool recognized the third bankruptcy at the current stage of the CL group. Even the substitute Shakiri does not bring a turn. Eriksen was late at Tottenham, late, and Barca dismissed a round ticket of sixteen. Here is a review.

Group C

PSG – Liverpool 2: 1
Only in the final stages is it a replacement, the Xherdan Shaqiri power cube for Liverpool in Mintue 78th. Since the British are in Paris already 1: 2. Earlier, Bernat and Neymar put forward PSG, Milner declined from the Red point. However, the star Nati Shakiri also can not change the final result. PSG Trainer Thomas Tuchel succeeds in revenge against his compatriot and Liverpool coach Jürgen Klopp (first match 3: 2 for Liverpool). For the Reds, this is the third defeat in the Champions League.

Klopp and Co definitely need a win in the last group match with Napoli to get into the last sixteen. The Parisian can cheer twice: Neymar makes his goal at 2: 0 Brazil's top scorer in the Champions League. He replaces Kaka (30 goals).

Naples – Red Star 3: 1
In Naples, a long one-sided football. Napoli leaves the Belgrade people to breathe and reward themselves in the 11th minute 1-0. Hamsik is forgotten after a corner in the middle and can be easily inserted. After that, the printing phase of the Italians continues, Mertens increased to 2: 0 (33). Shortly after the break, Mertens reappears, which Belgrade’s defense forgot. The Belgian started, did not hesitate for a long time and hits the ball under the crossbar (52). 3-0 at this time also earned in this amount. After Naples, but returned a few courses and gathered in the 57th minute, 1: 3. But for guests this is not enough. Belgrade can claim the best place in the Europa League, Nepoli has played an excellent starting position.

Group A

Dortmund – Bruges 0: 0
In the Bundesliga BVB everything is under control. Now it's time to take part in the Champions League. This is only partially possible: although Dortmund has a clear chance, Reus and Co. are failing several times from a better position. This leaves a zero number. Dortmund dissolves so that round 16 tickets, Brugge is allowed in the Europa League.

Atletico – Monaco 2: 0
The goalkeeper of the ex-Nati Diego Benalio should make his first attempt in the second minute. The Swiss with a rejected shot of Coquet, but no chance. Atletico strongly pushes the episode to the second ball and continues with the spiritual end of Grezman. Monegas ran in the first half and showed that the defense is very vulnerable. At the 55th minute, Falcao appears. He brought a new impetus to the offensive of Monaco. When he starts a penalty shootout in the 83rd minute, and Athletic Savich with a yellow-red from the square, the hosts expect a new hope. But Falcao puts a free kick next to the goal. Monaco will not winter in Europe, and Atletico Madrid in one lap.

Group B

Tottenham – Inter 1-0
At the 80th minute, they finally broke it, a mutual protection bar. Eriksen removes Tottenham and makes Wembley. After a pleasant ballstaffette on the right side, the Dane comes to a conclusion completely free in the middle. Spurs show from the very beginning who is the boss in the house and grab the scepter early. For a long time, the highlight of the game is cutting Winks from 20 meters. Italians can not respond to the backlog in the last minutes. Thus, the decision in group B is postponed for the second ticket for Barcelona. Tottenham and Inter will fight for the Ferndelle ticket.

Eindhoven – Barcelona 1: 2
For a long time, the Dutch bravely defend themselves, but as in the 61st minute Lionel Messi begins to conjure, even mass defense can no longer do anything. Double pass with Dembele, two quick changes of direction and a dry shot in the near corner. Pique free kick in the 70th minute. De Jong can really cut, but the Catalans can not take butter from bread. Thus, Barcelona continues its first group, Eindhoven resigned.

Group D

Lokomotiv Moscow – Galatasaray 2: 0
Bitter tablet for Galatasaray! The Turks lose in Moscow from 0: 2. Goals scored by Ryan Donk (43) and Vladislav Ignatiev (54). Before the game, the Russians did not have a single point in the score. Now it's getting hot again in the fight for the Europa League. Currently, Galatasaray is ahead of four points.

Porto – Schalke 2: 1
Already before the match, it is clear that both teams have qualified for the last sixteen. Now it's all about winning the group. And there the Portuguese set the mark. With the necessary will, they win the game against Schalke 2: 1. Clearly: Porto wins Group D.

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