Saturday , January 23 2021

Diabetic Lens: Novartis project with Google canceled

The idea sounded fascinating: contact lens in the eye should also measure glucose levels in patients with diabetes because in tears there are deposits of sugar in the blood. Novartis and Google (or, more precisely, a subsidiary of Novartis Alcon and a division of Health Health Health), met four years ago to combine their development know-how.

Obviously, the results were disappointing. as Brian otis, Said CTO Verily & # 39; s, the project will be suspended. “We are at the point where, together with Alcon, we decided to stop working on a lens that is sensitive to glucose,” Otis writes in Very’s blog.

"Very complicated"

Clinical trials have shown that there are too few permanent relationships between blood glucose levels in tears and give blood. It has proven to be very difficult to reliably measure the concentration of glucose in the eye. In this situation, “medical device requirements” cannot be met. Brian otis,

Both sides emphasize, however, that this does not mean the complete abolition of the command of Truth and Alcon. We continue to work on the development of adaptive contact lens for patients with long-term vision and an intelligent intraocular lens to improve vision after cataract surgery.

“We look forward to the next development phase for our two other Smart Lens programs using Truth,” Novartis said on request. "We apply our significant technical knowledge and achievements to common eye diseases." (RAP)

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