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Can you recover deleted whatsapp messages?

WhatsApp messages deleted by the sender cannot be recovered, despite reciprocal reports.

With a little trick to recover even deleted and withdrawn WhatsApp messages. But in practice it is not applicable.

For some time already sent WhatsApp messages can be withdrawn and deleted from the recipient's device. The Delete for All option is available just over an hour after it has been sent and will remove the potentially embarrassing message of both the sender and the recipient.

Several reports, including, and, now state that these messages can be recovered due to an alleged error using the backup function. However, in practice, this procedure is not applicable, as shown by the test "Bluewin".

Only the manual is proof of deletion.

Because the WhatsApp backup remembers well when the message was deleted from the sender, and does not restore it. The only way to keep the received message permanently and to protect it from deletion is to manually register it.

It is quite simple using a screenshot or exporting a specific chat history. To do this, simply touch the name of the contact on iOS in the chat window and then select "Export chat." Now the chat history is converted to a text file and can be sent via email. For Android, three points should be affected in the chat window in the upper right corner, and then you need to select "Advanced" -> "Export chat."

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