Monday , January 18 2021

Battlefield V in the test: atmospheric, intense and cruel


Electronic Arts Battlefield V is a party for fans of intense multiplayer battles, everything is right here. Little war stories for a single player lagged behind, but that's what they wanted.

World War II as a shooter stage – this choice of Electronic Arts publishers and the Dice developer studio is based on experience in the gaming sector and long-term market surveillance. Because players like this historical background. They love it more than the settings of science fiction with robots and flying battle suits, as evidenced by the figures of the two leaders of the market Call of Duty (Activision), as well as Battlefield. Not wanting to question the cruelty of the war with annihilation, the majority of players accept the setting as an arena for sports-oriented confrontation. And this is exactly what it is perfect for Battlefield V.

The staging that the Dice developer brings to the screen is huge. The sound environment is first class and puts the player in the middle of the battle. The graphics are also outstanding, the animations of the soldiers and videos reach the highest level. The intensity and pace of the game confirms the excellent reputation of the Battlefield series.

As in Battlefield 1, released in 2016, a solo player can go through episodes telling dramatic stories of war. A good idea, which in principle also works well, because the prospects shown are clearly different from the main one. One story revolves around a woman in the Norwegian Resistance, the other about the French colonial forces. But these episodes pass quickly, experienced players are hardly challenged or busy. Battlefield is, above all, a multiplayer mode, here are the obvious strengths of the series.

This once again confirms Battlefield V. Multiplayer modes are gigantic. Up to 64 players can re-use multi-level modes, such as "Big Operations" and "Combined Weapons", including "Conquest". Structures are well known to experienced Battlefield players, who will find in the current title exactly what they value for a multiplayer shooter. For newbies, Battlefield V is a great opportunity to get experience in this genre. Jörg Pistorius

Battlefield V released for Windows PC, Xbox One (both tested) and PS4. The name does not contain 16 years.

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