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The wolf in Tierp was slimmer than usual

Photo: Tobias Agren / TT

A couple in Tierp saw a wolf that attacked a deer in their garden.


The State Veterinary Institute (SVA) performed an autopsy on the wolf that killed a deer in Tierp and then killed for behavior.

It was an adult male who had slightly less fat reserves than usual, and perhaps this behavior could be caused by an old injury.

The Tiger Pond weighed just under 33 kg and had older, but completely healed fractures on two ribs on the left side. The animal probably didn’t worry about the injury lately, but this could be the cause of the bad wolf pits.

TT: This is the reason why it was so shaky – that he was very hungry?

“It may be something like that, but these are just speculations,” says Goethe Hestvick, deputy state veterinarian of the SVA.

She says that nothing was found during the autopsy that could be explained with confidence by behavior.

In the wolf's belly, there were remains of bones from a previous meal and a very small amount of fur from deer. Rarely do wolves get broken at the ribs of elk and other deer, which were protected from kicks during an attack – but if this is the cause of damage to this wolf, one cannot say for sure, according to Hstwick.

– It can be.

The wolf also had many wounds in various places on the body.

“You can imagine asking the animal,” says Hestik.

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