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The left party does not set its own budget: "We take responsibility",

Before a possible scenario in which a transitional government headed by Stefan Löfven can be forced to run the country with a budget M as a compass, the authors of the article Ulla Andersson, economically political representative of the left party, and Mia Sidov Mölleby, leader of group V in the Riksdag This is their party, which in a chaotic position puts political responsibility in a high place.

Invisible Alliance is called "Former Alliance" – repeated four times. And the moderators are accused of “taking the parliamentary position out of the game,” when the budget process can result in the adoption of the budget M, a budget that has passed since the transitional government headed by S and MP.

“The moderators barricaded themselves for the fact that Sweden has a transitional government, but not a transitional day,” write Andersson and Sidov Mölleby. They believe that this attitude "hides the fact that the relationship between the parliament and the government is a subtle combination of constitutional rules and practices." This practice may change, but the authors argue that this is not something that “Moderators expressed either now or in other contexts.”

According to the debaters, the cooperation of the left party in budgetary matters with the government during the last term of office, as well as participation in V in several cross-border agreements, is a test of party responsibility.

When SD is actively working to create chaos, and M is increasingly dependent on the “racist party” Åkesson, the “Left Party” is in favor of action aimed at streamlining and opening money. Over time, Sweden will have a new government, and then each of the Riksdag parties will be able to "present their own economic policies: either as state authors, or in negotiations, or in opposition."

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