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Symptom Guide: A Language Can Talk About Your Health – News at Nybro – 24 hours a day

An extended language can sometimes cause many to react negatively, but the fact is that it is not entirely wrong to look more closely at it from time to time. But any unusual things that you find in your mouth should not be a problem, according to an article in Country Magazine.

Something like many I think a bunch of piles is a sign of illness. There are large nodes that sit far behind the tongue, symmetrically located on each side of the middle of the tongue. Despite the fact that they are difficult to understand, they are easier to feel, and many may worry when they first discover them. But they are quite normal. Even a white or yellowish coating on the tongue is usually quite normal and can be easily removed with an additional toothbrush.

However, there are symptoms that are worth paying attention to:

White coatings and sweat

Fungal infection in the mouth, caused by yeast fungi, occurs when the bacterial flora is in imbalance and may appear as white coatings on the tongue and mucous membranes, redness and irritation of the mouth and cracks in mungipuses. The risk of an increase in certain diseases and treatments, such as diabetes and immunodeficiency diseases, as well as treatment with chemotherapy, cortisone and antibiotics, because they weaken the protection of the oral cavity. Treat with antifungal agents, but the root cause can also be fixed.

This is a fairly common condition when many get a burning sensation in front of the tongue. Inconvenience often causes dry mouth, sucking the tongue or squeezing the tongue to the fore during sleep. But it can also cause hypersensitivity to materials in prostheses and prostheses. A soft plastic guide inserted by a dentist can help.

Flammable patterns on the tongue

This state is called kattunga and is a relatively common and harmless state when the language acquires an irregular pattern with red glowing areas. The edges around the flammable areas are often white-gray, and those who are injured can get both cracks and lungs in the tongue. The appearance does not usually hurt, but it may seem dizzy. The condition cannot be cured, but it can help to quit smoking and not eat strong foods.

This is a completely illegal condition, but some may be perceived as unpleasant. For the affected person, the tongue acquires a dark color and seems to suffer from additional hair growth. This is due to the fact that papules, where taste buds grow, grow and grow longer than usual. Heavy scratch usually bends with inconvenience.

This is what many suffer from sometime. Symptoms are usually small and have blisters on the tongue and in the oral cavity and are mostly harmless. However, caution should be exercised if the wound does not disappear, as this can be a serious problem, such as disc epithelial cancer – a form of skin cancer that is becoming more common.

This symptom can be caused by a vitamin B12 deficiency. This vitamin is mainly found in animal products and is a strict vegan and does not add up, it is the risk of a lack of large quantities. The symptom of B12 deficiency is a smooth, shiny, reddish and dizzy tongue. Even diarrhea, fatigue and memory problems are typical problems with a lack of vitamin B12.

White stripes, wounds and redness

These symptoms can be signs of oral lichen, intolerable chronic inflammation of the mouth, which most often affects people with autoimmune diseases. One to four percent are killed and most often the disease among middle-aged and older women. The symptoms appear as white stripes, ulcers and redness of the cheeks and tongues. The disease cannot be cured, but is facilitated by the treatment of fungicides.

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