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Stalis! Superman: the best game in the final in Rocksteady?

It's been three years since Batman: Knight Arkham and which becomes the next great game Rokstadi, it seems, about two of the most iconic superheroes of the times: The Steelman and Leather Lap.

It was a cooperative game with Batman (and Robin and others), which will be a great farewell to the superhero Roxtady, which the studio impressed so much. However, it was also aware of the game with Superman, and it would be unbelievable if Roxtedy had in turn.

Before E3, the rumor began Superman: the best in the world (via Push Square), where we didn’t have much to do in addition to the blurred image of the red robe, which was claimed to be a leak in E3. We did not know such games that we have not seen this summer, but now we have Superman: the best in the world appeared in the Game System Requirements database. They were right before this (read: Devil may cry 5).

As you can see on the print screen above, we cannot learn much more than we can imagine: a combat adventure developed by Rocksteady. Perhaps it could be one of ten (plus) games that will be advertised during The Game Awards? Or we will get one batman-comeback. Who knows!

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