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Region Gevleborg chooses plates – Voister

– In the area of ​​Gevleborg, we are working on a test to get out of the stables in Ipadah on the cars. So we jump three steps, like today. This means that management missions will be faster in the department, ”says Kathryn Dalstrom, unit manager in the Gevleborg region.

Today we have an hour setting time, and we rate it with 30-45 minutes.

Catherine Dalstrom
Head of Unit in the Gevlborg Region

– Currently call customer support, FM support, which sends an order for work to our Landlord real estate system. The order is sent to the service provider cleaning service, which, in turn, sends the job to the cleaner. By sending the stubs directly to the plate, we can transfer these participants. Today we have an hour setting time, and we rate it with 30-45 minutes with a new solution.

Tell us about your patient transfer project.

– Today we are in the service division of the spider in the network at auction. We have a telephone operator who receives all the bets and hand notes received by the patient. This is automatically included in the patient routing program, where carriers receive their assignments in handheld computers. It will also save a lot of time.

Is it difficult to set priorities?

– No, it is good to work in parallel with several projects. These are the opportunities with which we looked at last year, based on discussions about what the staff and our department will provide the most. Thus, we have found areas in which we are currently working.

What problems remain?

“With the patient routing program this technique. We do not want to buy anything today that should change tomorrow. If we get patient routing, we can move on. For example, labeling beds. This solution gives us information about where they have been since they were served, and makes it easier to track infection in case of infection or the like. We conduct similar tracking on our wheelchairs, which we are very pleased with.

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