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More than 9 out of 10 major Swedish companies invest in AI

“When it comes to AI, the banking and financial sector has become a leader,” said Johan Tall, European technology manager at Ipsoft.

Ipsoft, a software company, conducted a survey among decision makers from 100 of the country's largest companies and found that 94% of large Swedish companies had started artificial intelligence projects.

Thus, the leading role is played by the banking and financial industry, and the goal of the investment is to use “cognitively advanced AI, which can handle dialogues and interactions with users, customers and even colleagues,” writes Computer Sweden, which refers to the survey.

“The main factors are improving the quality of customer service and reducing costs by increasing their efficiency. Other drivers increase safety and react to the rules, ”says Johan Tall in a newspaper, which says that 33% of all large Swedish companies that have now set up an AI business are in the pre-training stage.

7 percent of companies say that their plan in this area is specific, 22 percent are going to implement their plans for AI, and 32 percent say that they are already actively working with AI.

At the same time, 6 percent did not connect to the AI ​​wave at all, and Johan Tall warns of the consequences of this in an article on CS:

“You usually say that if you invest very early in the cycle, it costs more than it tastes. But now the AI ​​has achieved that if you wait longer, you are guaranteed to lose it. ”

note: AI is short for artificial intelligence.

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