Friday , January 22 2021

Löfe Can't Play Chess – Leader

the leaders When it comes to politics, Annie Lof is a bit big, like a child who doesn't want to learn the rules. It does not help when adults point out, chess is fun, but farmers are not allowed to miss plays, spikes cannot move diagonally, and the king can only go step by step. This does not help, because a child who otherwise has amazing tactical thinking simply does not want to accept all the “boring” rules.

Finally, adults and other children get tired. It's just not fun to play with as notorious as a freely adjustable switch.

And right now we are at that moment when the magicians-speakers Andreas Norlen – despite everything, gave Löf a chance to show the political rules of chess, which she learned last time, despite the fact that other party leaders and the public are tired . She will have the opportunity to form a government, not necessarily to be with her as prime minister.

No fault at all. The central role of the Center in the Riksdag belongs to the Center Party. But now it’s hard for Loef to understand why political games don’t move as she wants. She also has problems with political impulse control, and he refuses to take it for anything. Simply no.

Thus, Lööf does not accept that Stefan Löfven says no to support the bourgeois government. It seems that she does not understand that the moderate and environmentalists are more likely not to want to do with each other, and something like a civilized five-party government is not enough for the majority of parliament. She refuses to accept any bourgeois government, which theoretically depends on the Swedish Democrats, and therefore voted for Ulf Christerson as a candidate for prime minister in the Riksdag. Perhaps she does not understand that no one else wants a middle-level minister with C, L and MP. In addition, she does not seem to want to sit in the government with Löfven or even provide support to such a minister.

The fixed connection between Löf and Löfven is a bit complicated, so it is quite possible that at the end it will be at least at least. Or that she actually understands how to catch and change herself about Kristerson. It is these opportunities that remain, if you understand how political games are moving.

Otherwise there may be additional elections, although the Riksdag must, for the sake of order, vote for the candidacy of the Prime Minister three times. We can see what the voters are saying at such parliamentary elections, now that Löf finally got what he wants, and he was given the opportunity to independently explore alternatives to the government.

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