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Kalle Moreus had to leave the “Biggest VIP Loser”,


First, he thanked “no” to “the biggest VIP loser”.

Then Kalle Moreus felt sorry for himself – he called TV4 and asked them to take him back.

“This is a fan of me, the best I've ever done throughout my life,” says happy Calle Moreus in Nöjesbladet.

Calle Moreus, 55, is one of those who showed the most fights in the “Biggest loser VIP”.

But in the Monday episode of the TV4 soap this will end. Kalle Moreus voted for the house.

“It's just that when you were sitting there, I would probably like it … njaaa ..” says Kalle Moreus and the nuts in the handset.

“But I could have stayed so long without a top score or won any competition. Therefore, when I was sitting in the car and at home, I was sad over time. I don't have a racing nerve in me. For me it was not the main task. It caused health, and I did it, so I'm not at all bitter.

Thank you, no first

However, it was very close that the season of this year could have gone without Kalle Moreus. When he first asked a question, he decided to refuse.

– I changed when talking to people. I realized what an opportunity it was, and it also worked well in the future. A few days later I called and asked to join. “I’m a fan of me that I’ve done all my life,” he says resolutely.

When Neussbladet gets him on the phone, he has just finished training. The tools he received at the castle, he holds tight. Currently, he is confident that the training is taking place in his busy schedule. And he is very careful about diet. After the Biggest Loser VIP, Kalle Moreus began to read about the latest findings on ketogenic diets based on a lot of fat and some carbohydrates.

Live strictly

– It was so fast, if not faster, when I returned home, in weight loss. I still keep the routines. Right now, I can't find myself in a terrible breed of weight, but I train a lot, and he talks about staying in weight, he says, and continues:

“It was terribly good. Now I just have to wait to ski, because this is my great passion on earth. It will start well for Christmas.

How strictly do you live? Can you leave?

“I love champagne, and I'm sure I'll do it.” I did not enjoy the food. I barely ate carbohydrate from the time of the castle. It's hard for me there.

Calorist Christmas is approaching a storm. How do you think about this?

“Then I will not pause, and Christmas is very friendly.” You may refuse the Christmas goddess, but I am never a dish of chocolates. I'm not too soft either. Little ham, herring and lutfish, I am pleased.

How is the contact between you and the other members today?

“I talked with almost everyone. wife Persson (Gunilla, reds anm) lives in America, and for natural reasons we do not see or speak. It became so. But lifelong friends, you have become, each, somehow, says Calle Moreus, showing that he and Karl Jan Granquist and Alexandra Zazzi plans together several projects.

“We will have lectures and myspys with people who want to hear our story. It seems that there is a big interest.

What else will happen?

“Now I will move to the second phase and pick up the rest, which I thought about, or at least a considerable weight. In fact, I have not yet reached the goal.

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Kalle Moreus in "The Biggest VIP Loser".

Doesn't that have to go too far either?

“I don't think it will work.” It sounds a bit cool, but my main goal is to ski well. Finally, I was skiing, I weighed 118 kilograms. I did not leave the stadium at home. I traveled almost a kilometer every day with this weight, and it was so damn dismal. When I saw the first episodes, I was almost sad that everything was released so far.

How was it?

“You get used to yourself. As soon as you begin, you will realize that it is impossible to live like this. I was always good, had good values, did not get sick. But it is only a matter of time when we weighed so heavily.

How is your knee today?

“I have not seen a single patrol. The knees are much better. This is amazing. I am very satisfied!

“VIP's biggest loss” is broadcast on Mondays at 21:00 on TV4 and TV4 Play.

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