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Iron Nick on Nashville: "A very good team" – Sport

Nashville drove like a train at the start of the NHL season. With fifteen games won, five losses and a win in winnings amounted to 31 points. At the summit in Tampa Bay, which is now in the league, on the night of Tuesday, Nashville won a tough match with 3-2.

At the moment, these were the two best teams that met. It was a lot to and fro. We played very well, he became a bit defensive in the third, but it’s quite natural when we head. But we managed to leave, and it was great to win, ”says Kalle Jernkrok on the TT phone.

"The best back in the league"

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Calle Järnkrok celebrates its third goal against Los Angeles this weekend. Stock photography

Ironcork believes that Nashville made the team work well. Now it’s just a matter of maintaining communication and improving details, he said. And maybe Nashville, who has had an NHL team since the 1998-1999 season, something is happening.

Therefore, you always think about your own team. In particular, we have kept the law of the past year, which shows that the leadership believes in us. I think it's good. Then we are talking about the final game, and it is about finding the right one. There are very small fields, but at the moment it is good.

When he highlights the strengths of the team, he mentions the slopes, and according to him, the team has the best defense of the league. As for the areas of improvement, it raises the game in both the digital top and bottom modes.

We are pretty far down these lists, says Järnkrok.

Arvidson's damaged opening

The Iron Hook itself trained differently than a match. Among other things, he has a defensive hole on the ice, and in other cases he has become more offensive

I think I had a pretty good slow start (in season). In the beginning, I also did not play. Now I had to play a little, and then everything got a little better. Usually a small hand goes and hands it.

One of the reasons for the increase in playing time for Iron hook is that team-mate Victor Arvidson was injured with a broken finger and left before seven weeks. This weekend against Los Angeles, Ironknot took the opportunity to fill this hole through his first hat-trick in the league. And there were no unimportant goals. The first two were receipts, and the third – numerical subordinates in the third period. All three were also located near the left intersection. The match ended with a score of 5-3.

I found a good place over the selection. And then it seemed to work, so there was no idea to stop. If you see that you have a position, then you go. They will come automatically. “I don’t know if I think so much,” says Ironknot.

Good victory and improved self-esteem, although he does not want to overestimate the meaning.

It is not so much that you can take with you, besides a good feeling, maybe, he says.

Swedish snack

Nashville is a real Swedish team with Arvidson, Jernkrok, Philip Forsberg and Matthias Ekholm.

It's fun, especially when it's good guys. In the beginning it was a little easy to talk to the Swedes, says Kalle Jarnkrok.

And there is a lot of Swedish talk.

If others in the team hear it, it can be a little freaky. On the side (plan) we speak Swedish all the time. And in the hall, when no one is listening, we speak Swedish, says Ironknot.

Iron Hook believes that interest in hockey is growing in the city from year to year, although it can still walk the streets without being recognized.

It is nice to be in the same place, although it can happen every day. He feels a bit like home, he says.

The next match for Nashville is against St. Louis, on Thursday night, in Swedish time.

Now they kicked their coach (Mike Yeo), so they are likely to be added a bit, says Järnkrok.

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