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Huawei Mate 20 Pro clearly writes the unfinished Schubert Symphony

All this, of course, is PR, but still, in principle, interesting. Schubert's incomplete symphony was written in 1822, but only two sets became clear before the composer continued other works, never to return to the unfinished symphony until his death six years later. However, this is a popular classic work among concert halls.

You should not draw such large arrangements on the very fact that now Huawei decided to write a symphony clearly. Mate 20 Pro, who received the work, analyzes the tone, pace and tempos of the existing sets, and then records the new music in the last two sets, but only the main tunes and themes, and the composer Lucas Cantor had to organize the melodies for the orchestra and complete the parts. The work that a cell phone does cannot be done by a person, and several composers have previously clearly written Schubert's symphony. Not sure if they think that the work of the Mate 20 Pro is the hardest part.

However, this is fundamentally interesting, because there is no talk about the fact that neural processors that are in new mobile phones open up completely new possibilities, but it is not entirely clear what these possibilities are. Until now, he focused on camera features and scene recognition to improve camera settings. Of course, this is impressive when the mobile camera sees the difference between different breeds of dogs, but in the end it still turns out to be a picture that is not significantly different from what the usual automation of the camera could achieve.

On the other hand, writing new music that people like is a task that requires more than just automation, and therefore represents a completely new potential area. Last fall, the Sound of Light piece of sound was published, which was partly created by Huaweis AI, and it can be argued that the music sounded more like a background musician for the launch of Huawei than a new art, but, on the other hand, there is work that cannot yet managed by existing automation. Not too much imagination to imagine that advanced artificial intelligence can write music for movies or computer games that matches the events on the screen. And a lot of movies and games with music are produced in the background.

The completed version of Huawei's unfinished Schubert Symphony will be presented in February.

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