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Håkan Hellström recalls new material

“How far do we go before the break?” Says Håkan Hellström, among others, while the studio denominator called “Nordhemsgatan” and “Jordskred”, which may be the name of the work of the two upcoming songs.

As before, he wrote songs with his radar partner Bjorn Olsson, reveals Olsson for Expressen.

– The idea is that the recording will not be available until next year, but I do not want to talk too much about it. This is Hokan's record. But this is a joke. And he is cruel, says Bjorn Olsson in the newspaper.

"I have nothing to say about this"

According to the Music Guide's sources in P3, he is in the studio in the Concert Hall in Gothenburg, where the Gothenburg symphony is preserved, as is the artist. Earlier, Hellström was composed by the great symphony orchestra during the concert “From Tango to Taube” 2007.

But if he works with the orchestra again, the press manager of Concertussetta, Stefan Nevermeer, does not want to answer.

“I have nothing to say about this right now,” he tells Gothenburg Posten.

Clips are divided into social networks

The video was published at 3 pm and has no related text, but has already been used over 11,000 times on Instagram and has over 1,500 comments.

One of those who commented on this is the artist Otto Nouz, who previously made a remix of Håkan Hellström & rs; Your Time Coming. Håkan Hellström released the album “You Old You Free” in 2016 and announced that he will not be touring or giving concerts for a while because he wants to collect new inspiration.

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