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Victoria Beckham will expand her empire and become a role model

After celebrating her tenth anniversary this year and showed that, despite its initial loss, her brand has a lot of potential, Victoria Beckham announced that she will start recording the roles of beauty and fashion with tips on creating and styling.

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Fashion designer Victoria Beckham fans welcomed Instagram with the news that they could watch her on YouTube, where she would turn into a real role-playing game, such as one of the most popular stars today.

In her announced video, she used the legendary phrase of her former Spice Girls band, stating that her followers on the channel will get what they really want, what they really want, op. refers to the famous song wannabe.

The official release date of the first video has not yet been disclosed.

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She wore women for ten years

When Victoria Beckham began to dress ten years ago, she came across many criticisms and complaints that she was not capable, but she persisted and watched her dreams. The brand had a lot of problems right from the start, losing 12 million pounds in the first eight years (about 13.3 million euros), but Victoria always believed.

This year, the company received a new impetus, a strong financial injection, an investment of 30 million pounds (about 33 million euros) and a new president, a French businessman Ralph Toledan,

In the Spring-Summer 2019 collection, introduced in September, a new chapter, “Revived Designers,” began, as it was named after a fashion show by many British media.

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Victoria Beckham insists on a brand that initially lost millions of photos.

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