Friday , January 22 2021

They received a suspicious shipment at Maribor. 20 people in quarantine. #video

An employee of a company in Maribor received a letter from which black powder was found, which was not dangerous. It was isolated 20 people. They also received a suspicious consignment in the municipality of Koper. Visiting the police, the police discovered that even in a suspicious envelope that arrived at the seat of the municipality, there was no substance that would be life threatening. As explained at the Koper Police Department, it was a non-hazardous bio-waste.

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Yesterday morning, a Maribor police officer was informed that an employee of a company in Maribor had opened an envelope with a letter from which black dust was known. They informed the competent services.



20 people were isolated and the area was insured. Both measures have already been canceled. At the end there were firefighters, police officers and medical staff in Ljubljana. Thanks to the intervention, he was a closed part of the Kankarzheva street in Maribor, between Raglagova Street and the Partisan sister.

A suspicious package – an envelope with aluminum foil in the form of a coil – was also received in the municipality of Koper. The employee immediately placed it in a bag and informed the competent services. The employee was isolated, but the room was insured. This party also proved to be safe.

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