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The only woman in this situation in NATO

About appointment Alenka Ermenc numerous foreign media outlets and journalists were brought to the attention of the head of the Slovenian armed forces, including the BBC, British Reuters, the German DPA, the New York Times and the Washington Post, CNN and the US AP, as well as numerous media from the Balkans.

Many in their publications emphasized that Alenka Ermenks is not only the first woman at the head of the Slovenian armed forces, but is currently the only one in all NATO member states in this situation. Some media have called the appointment a historic step.


The general is already writing the history of the Slovene armed forces

Alenka Ermenk will be the first head of the General Staff of the SV

Slovenia became the first NATO member to appoint a woman at the head of his army, he writes BbcThey also write that the 55th anniversary began its military career in 1991, when Slovenia returned to independence from the former Yugoslavia. They also quoted Slovenian President Borut Pahor, who expressed the hope that the Major General will be able to raise the reputation of the Slovenian armed forces.

“Finally, the time has come to unite all political, military and social power in order to increase the readiness of the Slovenian armed forces next year, at least for one assessment. The trend of deteriorating security conditions in the world continues, and although Slovenia is not under direct military threat, it must also ensure the military aspect of its comprehensive security over a relatively short period of time, ”said Pahor at the time of her appointment.

Slovenia became the first NATO member to appoint a woman to head her army. PHOTO: Roman Shipich / Case

Bbc he also forgot to mention the trials that the SAF went through this year when they refused to pass the NATO stand-by exam.

Reuters adding that her appointment took place after the September exchange of governments, when the occasion was taken over by the left prime minister Marjan Sherets, Washington post he also added in the announcement of the appointment that Slovenia is also the birthplace of the first lady of the United States Melanie Trump,

Alenka Ermenk, Major General and Head of the Slovenian Armed Forces. PHOTO Roman Šipić / Case

Several congratulations to Ermentsev were transmitted on social networks. Congratulations were also expressed by the US Embassy in Ljubljana, he said. StaHowever, they expressed their enthusiasm for further cooperation "as allies in NATO and as friends."

On the social network Twitter, some Ermencia names were also designated as the “historical step” of Slovenia.

Today, Alenka Ermenk is the head of the Slovenian Armed Forces Alan gederSo far the rating and position will be the highest among SV members. In the Slovenian army there are about 7,500 members, both active and reservists.

Besides, New York Times he reported on the appointment. They wrote that on Tuesday the Slovenian government appointed Alenka Ermenka, "the first woman leader of the army of this small country, which is a member of the EU and NATO," at the head of the Slovenian armed forces.

The most powerful woman in the Slovenian army. PHOTO: Roman Shipich / Case

Today, at a ceremony with military honors, the mayor-general officially adopted the battalion of the Slovenian armed forces and, as such, the chief of the general staff of the Slovenian armed forces. As she pointed out in her address, her head would be “actions, not words,” which is also her personal principle.

In his speech, Ermenchev said that, having come to primacy, the duty of the head of the general staff "to assume a high level of responsibility to the Slovenian armed forces and homeland, the greatest respect for the predecessor and those who appointed me, and with unshakable determination to do everything for our army. "

“The citizens of the Slovenian armed forces expect that they will carry out their mission and tasks professionally and effectively. In the management of the army, I will focus on the status and equipment of members, on the goals of capabilities, military infrastructure and knowledge, which is the main building block of each profession, ”Yermentsev emphasized in his characteristic short speech.

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