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Slovenian qualifications for the EP ended in high defeat

The Slovenian women's basketball team, which secured a place in the 2019 European Championship in the previous round, suffered its first defeat in the last qualifying round. In the north of France, she had to recognize the prestige of European champions, who won with 88:44 (31: 9, 47:18, 71:33).

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The Slovenian women's basketball team, which secured a place in the 2019 European Championship in the previous round, suffered its first defeat in the last qualifying round. In the north of France, she had to give preference to European champions, who reached a high level of 88:44.

Damir Grgic, the qualifiers who finished qualifying with a victory of 5: 1, will be held for the second time in a row from July 27 to July 7 in the finals of the best sixteen European teams to be held in Serbia and Latvia.

Slovenians will win the European Championship on December 12th in the draw in Belgrade. In what drum they will be, it will be known in the coming days, when Fiba will publish the scale of the country based on multi-year results. Considering that Slovenia took part in the first major competition at the Eurobasket in Prague last year and that with these first points you occupy the 63rd place in the world and the 23rd place among European teams, you are more than the third quality drum, you probably no need to promise.

The European Championships will be held in Belgrade, Nis, Zrenjanin and Riga, and the final will be held in the capital of Serbia. In addition to Slovenia and both Serbian and Latvian hosts, Turkey, Russia, Spain, the Czech Republic, France, Belarus, Montenegro, Great Britain, Belgium, Hungary, Italy, Ukraine and Sweden will take part in the championship.

Damir Grgic

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In addition to these twelve actresses, who in the last cycle had a selector Grgich (Teja Oblak, Zala Frishkovets, Annamaria Prezel, Marusha Senichar, Nika Barich, Tina Yakovina, Eva Rupnik, Eva Lisets, Larisa Osvik, Shante Marie Evans), Rebeca Abramovich Tina Trebek, Tina Tsvianovich and Althea Gvashavankhu also participated in the qualification.

According to statistics, Eva Lisec was the first scorer and jumper of Slovenia in qualifying, an average of 15 points and 9 rebounds, while in both elements was Shante Evans (13 points, 7 rebounds), while the best indicators were Teha Oblak ( 6 points, 12 points) and Nick Barich (5 points, 11 points).

The match with France in Charleville-Mezieres will try to forget the Slovenes as soon as possible. The hosts, who were silver at the last three European Championships and the London Olympics in London, were extremely motivated and wanted to somehow compensate for the unexpected defeat they had experienced in Celje last year.

It was successful, and the victory and the first place in the group were practically guaranteed in the first minutes. Obviously, there was a difference in the amount that the Spree hosts used, as well as in other elements of basketball. France received a jump at 54:29, scored 11 trophies, played 24 subs, eleven players were credited among the shooters, and five of them had a double-digit number. In Slovenia, only Zali Frishkovec managed (“Three Three: 4, 12 points”).

What did they say after the defeat in the Slovenian camp?

"It's good that this game is not important for us, but at the same time it was a great shower at the right time." – said Teja Oblak.
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Damir Grgic, Slovenian selector: “It seems that the actresses were too“ empty ”in the middle of the match in Finland and the European Championship. Against the top leadership of France, we tried to do something, but nothing happened to our wishes. However, I need to congratulate the girls on their outstanding work in qualifying, they won five matches and deservedly won a place in the EP, where we travel with the desire to show our game here, that is, a solid, aggressive defense, which allows us ease. We have not shown that today and I hope that this game was a good school for the future. ”

Teja Oblak: “From the first minutes of the game, it was shown that the French are very motivated and want to avenge the defeat of Celje. We left them too many open goals, which they scored and deservedly won. It was good that this game was not important for us, at the same time it was a cool shower at the right time. Now we have seen what is missing and why we should work in preparation for the June Eurobasket. ”

France: Slovenia 88:44 (31: 9, 47:18, 71:33)

Caisse d & # 39; Epargne Hall, spectators 2500, judges: Marquez (Portugal), Nazimec (Ireland), Arana (Spain).
* France: Miem 17 (2: 2), Gruda 11 (3: 5), Tsyak 1 (1: 2), Michel 3, Ayay 9 (1: 2), Milapi 2, Charter, 10, Johannes 11, Hartley 16, Bernie 2 2: 2), Tchatchouang 6.
* Slovenia: Oblak 9 (1: 1), Friškovec 12 (1: 2), Prezelj 7 (1: 4), Baric 8, Jakovina 3, Lisec 4 (2: 2), Evans 1 (1: 2).
* Free throws: France 9:13, Slovenia 6:11.
* I met three points: France 11:25 (Johannes 3, Hartley 2, Chachuang 2, Charter 2, Michel, Miem), Slovenia 4:18 (Frishevets 3, Yakovina).
* Personal errors: France 17, Slovenia 22.
* Five personal: /.

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