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Provocative! You have not seen such Ilke Štuhec

A few days before the Golden Fox, when the best skiers descended along Pohorje, the awards were presented to their best athletes in Maribor.

Prizes for Maribor Athlete in 2018, like last year, were also visited by skiers Ilki Stukhets and tekvonoistu Ivan TraykovichShtchcheva was the best for the fifth year in a row, although she survived most of last year in anticipation of the new season.

Earl's Kiss

At the awards ceremony, which was attended by the President of the OCS Bogdan Gabrovets and the first man from the sports union Maribor and vice president of the OCS Tomaj BaradaIlka received a prize from the mayor of Maribor Sasha Arsenovichwho on this occasion gave our best skier the best kiss.

Ilka, as usual, was full of positive energies and attracted her views also with her provocative practice. The skier showed her slim legs in a short white shirt with trimmed shoulders, complemented by red accessories — a purse and a beret, and a black belt slid along its side along the side of the chain.

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