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One year of improper treatment was fatal to him.

The district court of New Gorica is the family of the deceased Stevo Petrovich, who died of lung cancer, after being treated with antibiotics at Shempeter Hospital for a year, paid compensation of 50,000 euros.

The district court of Novy Goritsy estimated that an unreasonable professional mistake had been made, reports Primorske novice and TV Slovenija. Relatives of the deceased are in the hospital of Dr. Frank Dergank in Shempeter under Gorici demanded 354,000 euros in compensation, and the court was awarded 50,000. The decision implies that the treatment of Petrovich was careless, unprofessional and contrary to the rules of the medical profession and thus illegal, messages from the site of beginners Primorsk.

In civil proceedings, the District Court of the Novogorsky Court fully and in court provided a basis for justice, in which, among other things, it was stated that on the basis of the proven procedure the applicants' claims for damages were submitted on the basis of, but not completely, in the amount.

Relatives: for us, this means moral satisfaction

“After five years of suffering, we received a decision, from which it is clear that the treatment of the deceased father in the hospital of Shampeter contradicted the rules of the medical profession, superficial and careless. First of all, this is moral satisfaction for us, otherwise we have already talked about this from the very beginning and also successfully proved it all the time. We also warned all the time that it was unacceptable that one pulmonary doctor worked in the pulmonary department, and during the year of treatment none of the consultations that considered the deceased father "

Primorsky Novinsky summarizes the statement of the daughter of the deceased Polona Petrovich.

Criminal proceedings are also ongoing.

The criminal case against pulmologist Petrovich also continues in the district court of Novo Brdo

Damjan Birtiča,

who was accused of abusing the patient between June 2012 and May 2013 due to inflammatory lung disease and underestimating cancer, which was fatal at the end of 2013.

The doctor rejects the complaint. Birtik and the hospital claimed that the patient was in a disadvantageous set of unsuccessful circumstances and facts and that they acted in accordance with medical doctrine. So far, several witnesses were present, and at the end of October she also spoke, among other things,

Zlata Remskar,

who prepared an expert opinion for Shempeter Hospital and assessed that a medical error had occurred during the treatment.

“During treatment, an error may occur that is not a criminal offense”

– noted at the beginning of the explanation of her expert opinion. She expressed the conviction that a systemic error had occurred during the treatment of Petrovich.

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