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Glass and phone cases are a better choice than insurance!

You bought a new mobile phone that you chose for a long time, brought several hundred pounds on it, collected information from all friends and read full expert opinions, which finally found the best choice for you. But you forgot something, which is very important? Yes, you are right, I’m definitely thinking about protection.

If you purchased a new mobile phone, then, of course, take proper care, for example, with phone cases, tempered glass or etuy. You can still be very careful, carefully put it, and then you forget that you have a phone in your pocket, it will fall out of your pocket because of all the haste, as a rule, only on the edge and right on the pebbles. Nothing will help you if you look only at what has destroyed everything. External damage is usually the least problem. You know that mobile phones are like small laptops, but do not think that you will fall to the ground? Therefore, when buying a new mobile phone, you must also be sure that it is protected. The best choice is the cover of phones with protective tempered glass.

Why do you still have phone covers if your phone already has security?

Often the question arises to hear doubts that they said that they bought a phone that already has the necessary protection, which is reliable, which is made of a material, so as not to damage it immediately, it is made of gorilla glass, etc. You are have you ever watched drop tests and how bad were the phones such drops? One meter is enough for your iPhone, which should have such a good glass and back side to break it well, the glass is completely sprayed like a cobweb, and such a phone is no longer used. But when changing glass, be careful, this is not possible for some manufacturers, or it may cost the new glass almost as much as a new phone. Thus, iphone covers are also needed, as well as Huawei covers and Samsung covers.

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Injuries are clear

Considering that in most cases the following injuries occur: scratching the screen, clogging up liquid, falling to the ground and even down the stairs, and very interesting, but indeed, 20% of injuries occur due to the phone falling into the toilet, which are injuries that can be "Fatal" for your phone.

Therefore, buying a new phone, do not hesitate to purchase a security, but go for it in advance or no later when you buy a phone.

We gave you a brief overview of which protection is better, so let's look at the results.

Phone cases are only good with protective glass

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Since we know that new phones should be protected both at the edges and at the back, as well as at the front, it is clear that only protective phone covers will not provide adequate protection. Phone cases are good for the side edges and the back of the screen, while the screen remains completely unprotected. To protect the screen, you also need to choose tempered glass – don't choose foilbecause it only protects against minor scratches, but no deeper scratches are required.

What phone cover should I choose in the offer set? If you really need good protection, you simply choose Ringke or Spiegen. If you have little choice, look at the Smartslam website at, where you will find a lot of them. Otherwise, the phone coverage of these two manufacturers is a little more reliable, but truly exceptional. And last but not least, they have a little higher edge of the screen, so the screen is also protected from flat drops right on the front of the phone.

Of course, you can also choose cheaper options in terms of TPU coatings, but do not expect the same quality protection. But the price difference is also noticeable, so it’s almost impossible to miss the best of the worst.

Tempered glass is also required to cover the phone.

This glass appeared not earlier than 5 years ago and has survived to the present, despite the uncertain startups. It also offers a wide selection of options, but you have nothing to miss. Watch this only, the glass should be all over the screen, but not to have an unprotected edge on the side, because, as we said earlier, phones often fall on the edges.

If you buy glass and a phone cover separately, then be careful that they fit along the edges, but do not cover the glass. Therefore, it is better to buy both a glass and a phone jacket with the same dealer, who should advise you on what is the best choice.

Finally, telephone insurance

Despite the fact that various insurance companies offer insurance, as well as some mobile operators for several years, we can certainly say that insurance has not been fully implemented. Have you ever counted how much you will pay for insurance in two, three years, and what in return for receiving insurance payment?

Do you imagine insurance for 3, 4 or even 5 years? Do you even know how much you pay? The sum insured is adjusted in accordance with the cost of the phone, which in many cases with expensive phones and with the time interval indicated above reflects the fact that you will pay the phone again. However, if there is any damage, you also have a problem with the insurance company that will "Classically complex" and when you want something from him, you will hesitate a little. The number of seizures has decreased over the years, and despite the fact that they are relatively small monthly amounts, they are no longer small on an annual basis.

Insurance is absolutely meaningless compared to phones!

Even if we only look at the price of insurance compared to the best covers of the phone along with the best glass, we see that insurance is extremely expensive. In addition, the goal of protection in these two options is completely contradictory: telephone covers with protective glass provide preventive protection against damage, while insurance, on the other hand, is designed to eliminate injuries.

As we know, it is most important for you to have access to your phone all the time so that you do not deal with an insurance company, even because of a phone that has its hidden pitfalls in its business practice, in which we will quickly catch ourselves. Prefer to do prophylactic rather than curative and you already buy protection if you don't already have it. Since vendors are great, we quickly looked at the offer of these products and found that it is one of the best qualities in Smartslam, where they constantly worry that they have only the best, best qualities and the best covers, covers, glasses in their offer all other equipment. Samsung covers and Huawei covers, as well as all other phone brands are also available.

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