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Error in FaceTime allows you to eavesdrop

an Apple It has always been different from other phone and software manufacturers, paying great attention to the privacy and security of end users. Especially because did not sell user datajust like most service providers.

This new reputation is likely to be slightly overshadowed by new error in facetimethat allows you to eavesdrop.

According to 9to5Mac, the error is easy to use. It is located in the part of the application that allows group conversations. All the user needs to do is to call someone via FaceTime, add yourself as a participant in the conversation, etc. he can already hear the sound from the other sideHowever, if the person on the other side presses the power button or volume control, the video will begin to be transmitted. The person on the other side only sees the normal warning screen, without warningthat the conversation is actually already active. The error is not limited to the iPhone, it also happens when you call it on Mac computers.

FaceTime is a popular way to communicate with Apple users.

Apple has not responded for several days

Such an error is an unacceptable invasion of privacy, at the same time provoking paranoia about technology, which, unfortunately, is increasingly justified, including due to such reports. The story is especially interesting that 14-year-old discovered an error on January 19when he tried to establish a group call, and his mother made a mistake the next day through Twitter, announcing Apple’s technical support, which didn’t react until January 28, when more and more media started reporting the error.

Apple responded by mistake so that it server group disabled group calls through FaceTime until the problem is resolved. There is no exact date yet, presumably by the end of this week. Such a harsh answer is unusual, since the usual way to fix errors is just waiting for an update that solves the problem.

Turning off the service shows that Apple knows about the magnitude of the error and its consequences for its reputation, so they did not want to risk that the exploitation of the error would be available to the general public.

FaceTime had problems with group calls from the very beginning. At the beginning of a group call using Siri Assistant, the device acted as unlocked, and it was possible to access the contact list without first unlocking the device.

While waiting for a bug fix, it is recommended to disable the FaceTime service, but, of course, we also need to know that we always have a camera and a microphone, and caution is not superfluous.

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