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Emotional Bode Miller loses daughter with newborn baby

Former Alpine skier Bode Miller in an emotional television interview told about his fifth child, a son who came to the world six months after the tragic accident in the pool, where his 19-year-old sister Emeli died. “If anything that can help at least a little to heal and fill the emptiness in the heart, then this is a child. This is really special, ”Miller said. He also explained why it took three weeks before giving him a name.

“If the child was born in the maternity ward, you should not leave until you give your baby a name, if you give birth at home, you can do whatever you want,” said 41-year-old sports star on the Today on NBC television show. “We simply called him little brother (younger brother, op. P.). Everyone thought that we were crazy … We needed a name for three weeks, but when we better met him, the name was in the palm of his hand, ”he admitted.

The boy, born on October 5 of this year, was named Easton Von Miller RiversEaston marks the name of the place in New Hampshire where Miller grew up, Rivers comes from the old Danish term for warrior, Vaughn is derived from the name of the popular American football player von Miller.

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"This is really special."

“If anything that can help at least a little to heal and fill the emptiness in the heart, then this is a child. This is really special, ”he praised, adding that besides the lack of sleep, you want your parents to get used to, his growth is a good process that helped the family to at least partially overcome a difficult period.

Emily's memory will always be alive

The memory of 19-year-old Emily and Emily, who jumped at the nearby pool in early July and drowned, is still alive with Miller. “Six months have passed since the day we lost it. Children continue to talk about it, which is pleasant, but it is also difficult, ”he admitted. "We have to talk about it, it is present in all parts of our house, and it shows, it is still part of our family."

Emotional note of Morgan Beck after visiting the gynecologist

When we left the hospital without our Amy, we were surrounded by despair and uncertainty. The farewell words of the medical staff, in those early hours after we lost the baby Emmy, should have checked the baby on the stomach. So, 5 days after losing it, I reluctantly used ultrasound technology to test how the baby grows in my stomach. This step into my future without my daughter seemed like my dagger. How can life change so fast? During the last ultrasound, my baby Amy lay on my arms and thought she was looking at the screen. And now she has disappeared. This time I asked for a technique quickly. She asked if I wanted a three-dimensional image, to which I replied: "No." She quickly maneuvered the wand around my stomach, testing all the pieces. When she looked at the baby's profile, she told me: “I know that you don’t want 3D images, but this is the perfect angle, and I feel I need to do this. I quickly ". When the screen switched to a 3D image, I saw the face of my child's baby. He looked just like my other children: just like Bode with this sweet nose and those full lips. But as soon as I saw this new child, my eyes moved to the angel, lying to the right of his face, holding him, clasping his neck. Almost as if to say: “It's all right. I'm here. Everything will be fine. I love you ". I consider this picture a clear sign that my son knows his sister. This is my girl Emmy still with us. And now that our sweet boy is here, he now holds her.

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Miller and his wife, a former model and volleyball player Morgan beck, after the death of the girl, joined the campaign that raises the public in order to avoid as many people as possible of such tragedies.

“Heating among children in the age group of one to four years is the most common cause of death. We are talking about vaccination, car seats, products with organic production, how a child can survive in front of TV screens, but we do not discuss the greatest risk with which we can cope with your child … With a silent killer he needs only a few seconds, ”warned Beckx in a social network recording a month after his daughter’s death and asked his followers to share their album further, helping to spread information about the subject. “This is the first step towards preventing such tragedies,” says Beck.

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