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EIB: the road has two tasks – competition in the region and technical ambitions

EIB President Werner Heuer. Photo: EPA

The project of the second railway line between Divacci and Koper is always on the bank’s radar, we are aware of its strategic importance for Slovenia and beyond, the EIB President stressed. Werner Heuerfrom Germany. He may also influence his project, he added.
He highlighted two issues that are important for the Bank when deciding on the financing of the project: competition in the region, memorizing the port in Rijeka and Trieste, as well as the technical challenge.

The issue of competition in the region in the EIB is rightly addressed by Hoyer. They know that there are other ports in the region, but they believe that Koper "Very, very interesting choice"He also stressed that the project is very large and ambitious, and that the negotiations also concern the question whether it is possible to provide such a measurement and technical feasibility so that it is suitable for financing.

He also drew attention to the problem of the development of transport and transport in the coming decade and stressed the need for a solid foundation for this. He confirmed that they are in the bank regarding this open-minded opinion.
The president of the bank did not want to explain open technical issues in detail, but according to unofficial information, for example, they would discuss issues such as building a tunnel or a viaduct at a particular site.

The project of the 2nd track was created from a technical point of view. Photo: BoBo

For details, it's too early …

In addition, Hoyer did not want to talk about the details on issues related to bank loans and guarantees within the European Strategic Investment Fund (Efsi), as it is too early and is part of the negotiations.

He argued that the EFSA warranty decision had not yet been made and would be made only at the end of the process. First, it is necessary to find out if the project is suitable for financing the EIB, then it will be more clear whether it is suitable for a guarantee under Juncker’s plan, he explained. According to unofficial information, the provision of EFSA guarantees is unlikely.

The decision is expected to be made in the middle of the year.

The President of the EIB added that progress had been made in previous talks in Slovenia, and that technical teams were meeting again this week. According to unofficial links in Slovenia, the bank’s technical mission is expected to be carried out within a week.

As Vice President of the EIB Vasil Hudak A year ago, in Brussels, he drew attention to the negative impact of political uncertainty on the project, Hoyer did not want to comment today on the political context of the second track, which the bank has been dealing with for about ten years.

He stressed that there is no search game for criminals. “This is a problem for Slovenia, the EU and the EIB, we need to find a common solution” He stressed and noted that time is crucial. According to unofficial information, the decision of the EIB on the second track is expected in the middle of the year.

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