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Celine Dion: There is a man in my life, but neither is true

She does not want the musician to consider the audience overcome the loss of her husband. Photo: AP

50 year old singer said she Pepe Munoz says a gentleman and her friend, or even her best friend. "It is true that there is another man in my life, but he is by no means a real man." and added that when tells her that she is alone, let her guess about her personal life, leave her alone.

She explained that with a man who had been watching almost everywhere in the past two years, she hugs and holds hands, when they leave, but they don’t want people to think that a person’s death has won, and often they are angry because of such opinions and comments.

She added that it seems that now she lives her best life, so she wants to enjoy and appreciate it at any moment. “I have a feeling that I would get a new wind. I have good things. ”

In an interview, the singer touched on a number of comments about her position, which recently declared that she had dried up. Her answer was brief and concise. “If you like it, I'll be there, if not, you can leave me alone and not take pictures of me.” she also said the sun,

She wanted me to stop suffering

She also spoke a few words to the deceased, who was fighting cancer and died in January 2016 from a heart attack. “I know that he is resting and calm, but he is with me every day. Every day I see it through the eyes of my three children. He gave me an incredible share. ” she explained.

According to her, for three years she did not drink a sip of water and did not eat a piece of food, because everything was done through the pipes, so after three years of suffering, she wanted to find peace first.

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