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Assistant showed that in fact Lep Bren

Former assistant to the legendary singer Lepe Bren she talked about her former employer. If someone was expecting a dirty wash in public, he made a lot of money. For the Serbian media, she said that the folk singer is an exceptional woman.

“My family behaved like mine. When I finished my work and began to return home, she prepared me food, fruit, juices and sweets. She did not want me to leave empty-handed, ”said the former housekeeper, who did not want to disclose her name.

The singer also bought clothes for her assistant and her daughters, and she was also good for others. “I will never forget when some singers who were then known provided a lot of money. She never returned her money, but sued her for 20 thousand euros, ”says a former employee of Lepa Brena, who Fahreta Jahic Born in 1960 in Tuzla.

The singer – the name of her assistant did not reveal – gave money to buy an apartment. “I do not know who she gave 100, 200 or 300 euros. She helped and provided everyone, ”she added.

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